The drama continues to unfold in this weeks episode of A Million Little Things.  Jon is still dead and the friends continue to deal with the consequences of infidelity that came out after his death.

Eddie and Katherine

Eddie starts the episode off by helping his son get into his costume for the play; a tree.  Katherine didn’t get the notice that the play is happening a day early, and she’s upset because she is going to be in court all day.  She continues to sacrifice time with the family in order to bring income into the household, and it’s days like this that bring her down.

Eddie sees the sacrifices that she’s made and when he gets to the school he tries a variety of tactics to slow down the beginning of the play.  First, he asks to have it delayed, and he’s quickly denied.  Then he steals the apple and cuts it up a snack, but there are a ton of red apples in the teacher lounge.  Finally, he pulls in a couple of parents that have been complaining about issues at the school and incites them to let out their frustration to one of the school administrators.  This does the trick.

Katherine makes it in time for the play, but when she arrives her son is feeling down about the role he is playing.  She is able to relate to him since her job often makes her feel that she isn’t apart of the family, but sometimes you can’t have the leading role, but every role is important.  This encourages her son and the show goes on.

Gary and Maggie

Gary learned that cancer has returned to Maggie’s body.  He concocts a romantic day in order to coax her into disclosing that she has cancer again.   Midway through the date, she realizes that he bought grape soda and she figures out what his motivation is.  He desires to be with her through cancer and for her to beat it, but she reveals that she won’t be doing treatment.  He blows up at her and storms off.

On the way home he stops by a basketball court and decides to bet her that if he wins, she has to go through treatment, but if she wins he won’t ever bring it up again.  While playing, she reveals that she played division 1 basketball at her college; and she wins.

Rome and Gina

Their part in this episode is fairly small.  Gina has Delilah over for a business meeting.   Later in the day, the boys all show up to watch the game and when Gary goes to the restroom he finds a pregnancy test that is positive.

Rome tells Gina that he knows she’s pregnant, but she denies it. He presses further asking if it’s not her then whose is it and Gina says it’s Delilah’s.  But who is the father?  We don’t know yet.

Delilah and Sophie

Delilah gets a call from Sophie’s school.  Sophie was involved in a fight, she punched another girl.  The school has a zero-tolerance policy, but in light of what the family has been going through, they will be a little more lenient with Sophie. So why did Sophie punch a girl?  Because she had told Sophie that her dad was in hell for what he did.  Yeah, I’d punch her too.

The mother and daughter end up spending the day together and strengthen their bond.  But what’s going to happen when everyone finds out that she’s pregnant?  How will that throw them all into a tailspin? Next week should shed some light on that.