I have been a huge fan of TBBT since S01E01, but frankly? This episode was not up to the mark. Not for TBBT standards. However, I liked the second half (if there is a thing in a TV episode!).

This episode mainly focuses on how Howard is responsible for Raj’s confidence erosion (and how Penny is accountable for Leonard’s). Also, Amy and Sheldon are planning their wedding arrangements throughout the episode.

Do I miss something? Yeah, Raj gets a job at the city planetarium and his first ‘show’ receives great appreciation. He also gets to have a date that night! Day went well for our pretty Indian boy. We also get to see him in his new look – with the original Kunal Nayyar hairstyle. Personally, I like to see him this way.

Apart from these little incidents, the episode might seem a little boring to the audience. The team has failed to express that charm through this one, I guess. Never mind, our TBBT fans would never miss an episode.

With a hope of a better story in TBBT next week, I’ll see you guys soon with our Shameless updates.

Till then, enjoy the snow and the shows guys.