The Big Bang Theory – S11E12 – “The Matrimonial Metric” Review

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If experimenting on humans was morally wrong, then I don’t want to be morally right.’ – Sheldon

The episode which has these kinds of punches should not be disappointing overall, but unfortunately this one was!

Sheldon and Amy are trying to choose the Best man and the Maid of Honor among their friends and they were utterly confused at first, but they seem to find a way to choose one for each. They decided to test them and score them accordingly – secretly.

Eventually the friends found out about it and were pretty upset with them being tested like that. They chose not to be the best man and the maid of honor at all. Sheldon is forced to have Stuart as his best man and Amy finalized Bernadette for her maid of honor.

However, turn of events finally makes Leonard as the best man and Penny as the maid of honor. (as anyone could have guessed.)

Typically a little boring and disappointing story line, but we hope the upcoming episodes keep up the spirit! See ya all at the next episode review – “The Solo Oscillation”.



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