While it’s not much of a follow up to the big 4.2 update news from a few weeks ago, Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida (aka “Yoshi-P”) sent out a newsletter to all active subscribers back on January 3rd.

In it, he thanked players for making the latest expansion, Stormblood a hit and for seeing more players online then ever before. He also confirms again that the 4.2 update will be released at the end of this month — no exact date given. And also that the plans for the FFXIV Fan Festival for 2018 to 2019 are well underway, stating that due to a years worth of preparation going into it that anything can still happening. However he stopped himself there on it and left it up to the fans imagination.

He also confirms that they plan to do more then just hold fan festivals and that they are indeed settling on plans for another event that’s well over a year from now. Yoshida recommends that we keep an eye out for future announcements for that to find out when and what it is. Probably another  movie or tv show similar to Dad Of Light, if I had a guess?

Lastly Yoshida mentions that the FFXIV team will be taking a short break for the New Years but will be back “hitting the ground running” once they return to their offices in Japan. They have lots of big things planned this year for XIV and they want to give us the “greatest gaming experience possible”

Strangely though, midway through the newsletter, Yoshida gave a cryptic announcement which seems to foreshadow new events to occur in a post Stormblood world.

Final Fantasy XIV

Photo Source: Square-Enix / Naoki Yoshida