Superstore - Season 3

Courtesy of NBC Universal

Ever since the days of The Office, NBC has been trying to rebuild their can’t miss Thursday comedy block & they might have finally cracked the code with 2017’s lineup (even though in all fairness one of the shows is a reboot of an old favourite.)

The current lineup delivers solid laughs and provides 2 ours of pure joy and happiness in these dumpster fire times we’re living in.

The shows air weekly as follows and will all return for new episodes on January 4th 2018.

  • 8:00 – Superstore
  • 8:30 – The Good Place
  • 9:00 – Will & Grace
  • 9:30 – Great News

Superstore is about a group of people who work in a Walmart type store and has quickly become a show that addresses cultural and social issues in a meaningful way.

The Good Place is about  a bunch of people who are dead and end up in heaven, OR IS IT?! This show is consistently full of twists and turns and having seen the episodes coming your way in 2018 I can only implore you to get on the bandwagon ASAP.

Will & Grace is well, Will & Grace. Though not as good as the original series, the nostalgia factor alone makes it a can’t miss TV appointment.

Great News follows a successful news producer who has a co-dependant relationship with her mother as sed mother becomes the new intern at her station and is so pure. A kind of 30 Rock adapted to 2017.

We cover the first 3 weekly on this very website & are still looking for someone to take on Great News so if you’re interested, drop a comment below or apply here

These four shows are a delight to watch & you should get on that while you still have time to catch up. Don’t forget, January 4th.