mers idea

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Meredith – Find your next big thing after winning the Harper Avery.


Alex – No more violence… after taking care of Jo’s husband.

jo and alex talk about izzie

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Jo – Don’t let Paul and his scare tactics keep power over you, you strong woman.

bailey ben shoes

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Bailey – Cut Ben some slack — he’s a good husband and has proved himself many times.


Ben – Stop keeping secrets from your wife.

meg owen beach

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Owen – Let loose a little. You’re always so tightly-wound. Go visit your sister at her beach house! Relax!

April – Co-parenting can be hard, especially when feelings are involved. Keep pushing through for Harriet and yourself.

harper avery awards

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Jackson – Though the Avery last name has given you so many opportunities, it has also kept some from you. Get in the game. Do innovating things, whether or not you win awards.


Maggie – Be bold, make mistakes and live a little. Take your mother’s deathbed advice.

Webber – Remind everyone of the great surgeon and teacher you’ve been at Seattle Grace/Grey-Sloan.

worried amelia

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Amelia – You’ve been afraid that the tumor is everything that made you a fun and worthwhile person. Get to know yourself again, tumor-free.


Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

DeLuca – You say this thing with Sam is toxic, so maybe stop? (Though as viewers, we wanna see where this will go.)

arizona operates on danielle

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Arizona – Find an apprentice to train in fetal surgery.

Catherine – Loosen reigns on Jackson, husband and hospital. Things aren’t doomed to fall apart without being specifically what you want.

meg fam

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

Riggs – Stay away from Grey’s Anatomy, please and thank you.