Episode Synopsis:

Movie selection becomes controversial; Aleida makes a change; Piper thinks prison punishments are becoming medieval.

The Inmates:

Leaving Litchfield

The day has finally come for Aleida to leave Litchfield. She wakes up early, and Daya and Gloria join her, to say their final goodbyes. Aleida gets picked up by her ex’s girlfriend, Margarita, and they head to get something to eat. At the restaurant, Margarita keeps asking about prison, and it makes Aleida uncomfortable. Not being used to her new surroundings, Aleida becomes very vulnerable and lashes out at a man who was looking her way. I felt bad for Aleida during this scene because she had to change her attitude toward people and not be so aggressive. She even had a hard time deciding whether or not she wanted coffee. Afterwards, the girls go shopping because Aleida wants to get rid of the clothes that she’s wearing, because they remind her of prison. While they’re shopping, the two get into a fight, and Aleida ends up leaving and walking to her next destination. We see that Aleida goes to visit her cousin, and things don’t go too smoothly between the two either. She finds out that her cousin spent her money and sold her clothes. I guess her family really wasn’t prepared for her return. I’m wondering how Aleida is going to stay on a stable path, now that she’s out of prison, because things aren’t looking up for her right now. She has no money and the people she knows aren’t too reliable. Lastly, we see that Aleida has finally given in, and goes to stay with Margarita.

Punishment cont.

Sadly, we see that Blanca has remained standing on the table in the cafeteria for a few days now. She has soiled herself, and Piscatella won’t even let people give her food or a drink. At this point, things have gotten out of hand, and I’m surprised Caputo hasn’t heard about whats going on. This makes me scared because does this sort of stuff happen in real prisons? I hope not because a punishment like this is extremely cruel. Towards the end of the episode, Piper attempts to give Blanca food, but gets in trouble with one of the guards. As a punishment, the guard makes Piper stand with Blanca. The part that I thought was interesting, was that after the guard told Piper to stand on the table, he says over his radio, that there was a situation. Ok, so if more trouble is being caused over an inmate not being able to function properly, why would a person treat another inmate the same way, and start getting worried about it? They’re just adding fire to the flame. I feel like these guards are giving the inmates horrendous punishments, but not realizing what the consequences for their actions will be.

Helping Sophia

Sister Jane is still in SHU, and is trying to find Sophia. While, she gets let out for some exercise, she eventually figures out what cell Sophia is in. When she returns, she writes a note to Sophia, and has the other inmates pass it along to her. We finally get to see Sophia after her incident with the magazine, and she still looks like a mess, but thank god she’s still alive. Later that day, Sister goes to take a shower, and is acting funny yet again. While she’s about to get handcuffed, she sneezes and out drops a cell phone, from between her legs. Of course, Caputo gets word about what happened, and goes to visit Sister. They talk about what happened, and even though Caputo tells Sister that she’ll be spending some extra time in SHU, he takes her phone and snaps a picture of Sophia. We end up finding out later that Caputo took the picture of Sophia, so that he could give Danny Pearson the photo and have him show it to Crystal. Hopefully, by getting the photo leaked out, Sophia will get a chance to be released from the SHU.

Drug prevention

Nicky tells Red that she’s going cold turkey, so that Red gets off her back about going back on drugs. And like typical Nicky, we see that Nicky tries to get drugs again from Maria’s crew, but gets turned down. Nicky wonders why no one is letting her have any drugs, and we find out that Red has been talking to people and letting them know that they aren’t allowed to give Nicky anymore drugs. Red goes to Angie second, and tell her also, not to give Nicky drugs. Further into the day, Nicky starts getting desperate, and starts going through Luschek’s things. He catches her snooping and decides to tell her about how she ended up back at Litchfield. He told her that he slept with Judy and then she got some people to let Nicky leave max. Instead of being thankful for returning to Litchfield, Nicky is yet again, angry with Luschek for what he did. Once again, she asks him for drugs, but all he gives her is weed. Of course Nicky took advantage of the blunt, but when Lorna points out during movie night, that she smells of weed, Red is furious.

“The Wiz”

Movie night is back, and this time, Taystee wants a say about what movie they should watch. She tells Caputo that the inmates should watch “The Wiz” because the actors are people of color and it has a positive message. Miraculously, Caputo lets her have her way for once, and she gets her wish. Later at the cafeteria, Taystee and the girls talk about the movie and sadly, no one else is interested in seeing it. That night while everyone is watching the movie, an argument arises when the task force starts bashing the black inmates. Things get out of hand quickly, and the movie ends up being turned off. The end of this scene was funny because this whole time, Taystee was dying to watch the movie, and it was cut short.

Feeling sick

Poor Maritza has been getting sick, and we all know why. Unfortunately, two of the guards see her coming out of the bathroom, and wonder if she’s pregnant. The one guard saw her going into the house with the other guard, and their immediate thought was that he had sex with her. If they only knew what really went down in the house. Before movie night, Flaca sees that there’s something wrong with Maritza, and after being embarrassed to tell Flaca the truth, Maritza finally tells her about swallowing the mouse. Both of the girls become upset and I wonder if Flaca will tell a superior about what happened.

The broom closet

Yet again Crazy Eyes and Lorna talk about relationships while they’re working, and we see again, that Lorna is pissed that her sister is spending time with Vincent. On Crazy Eyes’ end; she wonders if she’ll ever touch another person again. She tells Lorna that she almost went all the way with her ex, but chickened out at the last second. Lorna tells her that she should go for it again. Taking Lorna’s advice, Crazy Eyes goes over to her ex’s bunk and let’s her know that she’s willing to go back to the broom closet again during movie night. Things seem like they turned out for the best, because during movie night, the two go back to the broom closet, but when they’re in the middle of their fooling around, Crazy Eye’s ex suddenly stops and leaves Crazy Eyes hanging. We find out that her ex is still mad at her for leaving her in that house, in the middle of the woods, so it was her way of giving her payback.


After Aleida leaves, Gloria immediately goes into protection mode, so that Daya doesn’t make any mistakes. Gloria quickly sees that Daya is starting to become friends with Maria, and that makes her nervous. Later, Daya walks into the salon to paint nails, but sees that Maria is selling drugs. She quickly becomes uncomfortable, but after Maria asks her if she has a problem with it, she brushes it off like it’s no big deal. When she finally leaves the salon, Gloria walks over to her and lets her know that Maria isn’t the best person to be hanging around with. Annoyed, Daya talks back to her and tells her that she doesn’t want more people acting like her mother. This makes me worried about Daya, because even though she told Gloria that she won’t get involved with the drug business, she might accidentally get involved because Maria is definitely manipulative.

The body

Lastly, the end of this episode had me screaming because the dead guards body was found. After the construction crew talked to Piscatella about their issue with continuing their work because they weren’t allowed to demolish the garden and the greenhouse, Piscatella finally made the decision to go ahead and tear up the garden. Unfortunately, while they’re digging up the garden, Red and Frieda see that the crew found the dead body parts and begin to worry. I wonder if there will be a whole investigation about who killed the guard and the identity of the man himself? That’s all the inmates need, is more authority coming into Litchfield.