Ruby has run away, leaving an ominous note in her wake. Sapphire reads the note, distraught that she said those awful things.

Amethyst was the last gem to see Ruby before she hastily exited. But she doesn’t have much to share beyond the fact that she gave Ruby a pen and paper a while ago. Amethyst determinedly tries to play video games, offering Steven her player 2 spot, as Pearl and Sapphire fret over how they’ll find Ruby.

Pearl attemps to console Sapphire, but soon breaks into histronics with Sapphire. They begin to sob loudly. Amethyst feels awkward around their outword show of emotion, suggesting they move their emotional outburt into the temple.

I love the appearance of Steven’s drawings, having seen the likes of them in “Shirt Club” with Greg’s guitar lesson posters being copied, and the more recent Sadie Killer and the Suspects Steven constructed ahead of the band’s gig in Empire City.

“Steven, it’s cool you wanna help Ruby, but what about you?”

I love that Amethyst and Steven’s relationship has evolved to the point where they both can be so open and honest with each other.

After searchiing for a while, Steven wonders why Ruby hadn’t paused at Fish Stew Pizza. He always goes for pizza when he’s feeling down. Amethyst reminds him to think about himself. Steven needed that reminder to take pause and relax for a bit.

Amethyst: “All this time, you thought Rose was this rebel leader, but she was rebeling against herself (Pink Diamond)?”

The casual conversation ensues, as Amethyst checks in on Steven. But she becomes increasingly erratic, and Steven worries about his friend, racing outside as Amethyst shapeshifts into a helicopter to escape explaining her feelings.

“Let me help you with your feelings!”

“Get off my back dude!”

“If you open up, you’ll feel so much better.”

“Get out of my head Steven…you’re literally inside my head.”

They eventually clash, ending up on the beach as Amethyst’s helicopter crashes into the sand. My favorite moments of character development by Amethyst happens here.

“I’m not responsible for what Rose did. None of us are. Not you. Not Pearl. And not Garnet. But I am responsible for me. And right now I am NOT going to dump another thousand year complex on you or anyone else. I’m ending it right here. I am the ding dong sunshine future. Your friend forever! And I’m not going to fall apart on you.”

“So Steven, how do you feel?”

“Pretty good.”

“Have you been trying to cheer me up this whole time?”

“Yes, geez. Don’t you know you deserve it? You great person…”

“Hey Amethyst…I think you’re officially the most mature Crystal gem.”


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Steven hopped on the helicopter Amethyst constructed through shapeshifting again, and they both arrived on Brooding Hill, with the visage of Greg sitting next to Ruby as the episode came to a close.

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