Hello, what’s up, friends? We are back with the #Shameless stuff here. This episode was once again a terrific show by the actors (and the writers). It surely had its ups and downs, but ultimately, it did make people wait for the next one for sure.

Coming to the the story behind the title, Liam messed up on his test and gets 2/10. When the teacher asked Frank (Yeah, he’s not St.Francis anymore!) about this, he beautifully uses the issue of ‘cultural bias in standardized testing’ and Liam gets away with totally shitty answers with an ‘A’ on the test. Unbelievable, right? Plus Frank gets to do it with one of the (hot) parents!

That wasn’t the best part of the episode, though. Fiona is trying to raise the profile of the neighborhood by getting a church for an art gallery, while Ian and Trevor had been trying to make it a shelter for their boys at the same time! They have a little fight at the end and Fiona seems to be winning that one. Ian had to make a lot of efforts to get a down-payment cheque of $30k for the shelter. 

Lip is still having that meaningless, animal $ex with Eddie, his co-worker. End of story.

Carl loses his scholarship, but finds a great way to make money. Remember the thief he caught with the beaver-trap? Well, he brings over his girlfriend for a ‘clean-up’, after being impressed with how Carl makes him a ‘better person’.

. . . and the funniest part – Veronica is seduced by Svetlana and ends up taking half of the bar profits from Kev and V! Ohh, V is straight. Or is she?

Let’s find out on the next episodes and till then, enjoy other stuff at TGON!