I remember watching the first Wolfcop, having fun, and enjoying the ride. I haven’t seen a movie so willing to be completely serious about it’s utter crazy stupidity in a long time. It was refreshing to see a movie make it’s own wild rules, and build in a bit of lore for those who are interested… but I still felt there was something missing. In it’s not even 90 minute run time, I felt as though as crazy as it was, I wish it was crazier. I wish the whole movie had the crazy and kinetic energy as the barn scene, where limbs were ripped off, faces were removed, and the movie clearly had as much fun with the gore as they possibly could have had! I wished the whole movie was like that.

Well, we’re good now, issue fixed, the first few scenes eclipse that right away, and it only gets crazier from there.

The issue with the first movie was that it’s an origin movie, and it takes a long time for the origin of Wolfcop to be set up, and an even longer time before his eventual (penis first) transformation. There was a lot of those scenes that were the standard, “I have heightened smell,” or “This dog doesn’t like me for some reason,” and “I think I’m a werewolf,” that you would see in movies of it’s ilk. This movie doesn’t worry about origin, or even catching you up with what happened in the first movie. It just hits the ground running.

Wolfcop (Leo Fafard, who character name is actually named Lou Garou) has become a kind of a legend, like Batman, since we saw him last. People aren’t sure if he actually exists, yet criminals keep getting found brutally murdered about once a month. Tina (Amy Matysio) has been trying to hide his presence by keeping him locked up during the full moon, but it only works so well, to the point where the new mayor of the town, Mayor Bubba (Kevin Smith… in a roll where they may as well have called him Mayor Kevin Smith) is putting the police officers on watch.

Meanwhile, there’s a new factory in town, that makes Rooster Milk Beer (beer, because Canada), run by a man named Sydney Swallows (Yannick Bisson).  Now as much as Rooster Milk Beer sounds like the least appetizing beverage I ever did hear, it’s worth it for hearing the tagline “Slam a Cold Cock!”. What the town doesn’t realize is that Swallows is making this beer for his nefarious needs.

It’s not the most complex plot in the world, bad guy has a plan to do bad things and people die, but it serves it’s purpose while also attempting to expand on the alien cult that are the villains of this series. Yannick Bisson seems to be having a blast being the biggest douche bag on the face of the earth. Telling you that you are a loser to promote his beer, getting sound guys killed because they messed up a shot in his commercial, hitting on reporters, among other things. This guy is the worst, and it’s the best.

But we’re not seeing this movie because of the villain. The main reason to see this movie is to answer the biggest question plaguing us today… What the hell is Willie doing back in this movie? Now for those who don’t remember, Willie (Johnathan Cherry) was Lou’s friend, who turned out to be an alien shape shifter in the first movie, before getting killed. But it turns out that he was abducted by the aliens, and was replaced by a shape shifter, in a plot contrivance that seems to basically boil down to, “We love Johnathan Cherry, and just really wanted him to be in the next movie,”… which I totally accept. Willie stole every scene he was in in the first movie, and does it again in this movie. Actually, it’s more like his new friend, Little Willie, an alien tumor that is protruding from his stomach in an almost Kuato like fashion, that steals every scene. The scenes where Willie is playing off of, or trying to hide Little Willie are the reasons you keep Johnathan Cherry around, because he can’t not be funny.

The rest of the cast is great too. Amy Matysio is wonderful as Tina, and she’s very funny in trying to look not awkward, or uptight, while still being a bad ass. She hasn’t changed much since the first movie, other than she now runs the police station. Matysio excels at her comedic timing, and you totally believe that there is no better person to run a police station than her.

The new cast of this movie are also great, with Warren Bates, and Devery Jacobs as the new cops, and are welcome additions, but the standout is Serena (not Sienna) Miller as Kat (in a movie about a wolf). If there’s a word to describe her, it would be fierce… which would be appropriate, because she’s a… I mean her name is Kat. It’s really fun seeing Willie trying to maintain her innocence, when she’s obviously lost that a long time ago. She provides the ex machina that the team need to help them to defeat the bad guys, and then she disappears… and then reappears literally out of nowhere. It’s bizarre, but more on that later.

Leo Fafard is still really good as Lou Garou. He has a bit more agency this time, which is nice to see, but I do kind of miss the sad sack piece of shit that he was in the first movie. It seemed as thought he had more to do on a character level in the first movie, where as this movie, his character is more going through the motions. Not that he doesn’t still rock this roll this time around, especially when he becomes the Wolfcop. He has evolved as a character since the first movie, but I wish he would have more of an arc, and that the character didn’t feel so stagnant.

This brings me to my other big problem with his movie, the story does not flow very well. I once heard someone say that “if your movie is 90 minutes, you probably don’t have enough actual content to put in your movie in the first place,” and at 82 minutes, that unfortunately stands out here. Like for example, there is a subplot where there are separate scenes where we find out Lou and Tina like each other, and those scenes are just kind of… there? Like, it’s not even that it’s forgotten about (which it is), they just seemed to be thrown into the movie. It adds two minutes into the movie, one weird dream sequence, and another (admittedly funny) scene where Tina assures that she’s fine after she finds out that Lou has slept with someone else.

There’s also several extended scenes of improvising, action scenes that go on longer than they probably should (with many slow motion shots), and the scene to scene progression just seems off. Like it seems weird that they visit Willie’s sister, have her disappear, just so she could reappear later in the movie. Why she didn’t just go with them in the first place seems like a weird decision.

There is so much padding in this movie, you’d think it’s playing football. Now don’t get me wrong, most of the padding is actually very entertaining, with some very memorable scenes, but it’s still padding. Now should I be focusing on this? No, but I’m a stickler for story in movies, and I feel like it should be mentioned.

Why you should see this movie, however, is how much it tops the original in the craziness scale. From a robbery that turns into a slaughterhouse, to Club Phoque, to the new sex scene to a Gowan song, to Gowan himself, to the crazy wonderful effects, and what a certain werewolf appendage looks like, this movie has it all! It’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a movie all year. I don’t want to spoil more that this, other than to say if you loved the first Wolfcop, and just wanted to see more of it… well… here’s more… and here’s hoping there is more after this, because the ending didn’t really feel like the end of this series.