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Michal Pudelka for Time

The godesses of A Wrinkle In Time were on the cover of Time Magazine last week and immediately became the most iconic thing to have happened in 2017. It’s A Wrinkle in TIME …get it? Oh you do? Everyone does? okay cool!


The Time article is well worth a read, it tells the story of producer Catherine Hand who has been trying to get this movie made FOR DECADES!

Storm Reid reveals herself to be the voice of her generation and someone who will definitely follow in the footsteps of a Yara Shahidi and save us all when the time comes.

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Michal Pudelka for Time

DuVernay talks about the impact she hopes this movie will have, and the pressures and joys that comes with the chance to direct this movie with a huge budget that gave her the ability to create worlds and shape the lives of little girls everywhere.

Everyone gushes about Ava, about the love on her set and about her commitment to inclusion and diversity (that hopefully they’ve all learned from)

Lastly, this interview contains the greatest aside of all time, Oprah, Ava, & Mindy talking about FOMO

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I leave you with these wise words from Queen Oprah about the importance of this movie and of little girls, little black girls, seeing themselves on screen as the heroine.

“To see yourself as the savior of a world threatened by unquantifiable evil? That will have impact far beyond anything any marketer, any researcher, any of us even know.”

Time is on newsstands now & A Wrinkle In Time is in theatres March 9th. 


Michal Pudelka for Time