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I don’t know if it is my Dad’s influence or I just like cheesy movies, but I love B horror films. B horror is absolutely the best and I truly miss my Syfy Saturdays. I used to turn on the Syfy channel Saturday morning after my kids’ cartoons and watch horribly good horror movies all day. It occurs to me that it was just like my Saturday morning cartoon watching when I was a kid. It drove my kids and husband up a wall.

One of my favorite B horror film production companies is Asylum Productions. They are amazing. Their movies can be found on Peacock, Netflix, and I am sure other places but these two are where I watch them currently. Before I found Asylum though, I watched other B horror movies. I am going to share with you my five top ones. Let’s check them out.

I found the movie Warlock (1989) when I was in middle school. Shortly after I found Warlock The Armageddon (1993). These two movies are absolutely wonderful in a horrible way. In Warlock, we meet the Warlock. He is never actually named. Even IMDB has him as Warlock. In any case, back in 1691 the Warlock is imprisoned and sentenced to death. He was taken into a magickal portal and spit out into the 1980s. The witch hunter Redferne is taken into the portal and spit out in the same time too. Kassandra must help Redferne stop the Warlock before he puts the Devil’s bible back together. If the Warlock accomplishes this he will be Satan’s son. In Warlock The Armageddon, the Warlock is back and goes up against Druids. Just so you know, I love Julian Sands as an actor.

Ok, so the Evil Dead franchise is absolutely a cheese plate. It is such a B movie it hurts. I love Bruce Campbell’s portrayal of Ash. So, a group of friends goes to a cabin in the forest for a weekend. They find a book bound in human flesh and written in human blood and tapes in some weird language. Worse? They found evil. The effects are absolutely cheese but the storyline is good. The franchise includes; Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, the reboot of Evil Dead, and Ash vs the Evil Dead. Watch them. They are so worth it. I put the trailer for Evil Dead, the first one, but you will have to look for the others. Better yet, watch the movies and get sucked into that world.

The Sharknado (2013) franchise. So much can and has been said about them. My son and I are absolute fans. I didn’t know it was an Asylum production until recently. They are horribly good. I am not going to put the trailers for each one, just the first one. Sorry guys and gals. So you know the premise. There is a tornado that starts offshore and sucks up and flings out sharks. It is absolutely a ton of fun. The cast is star-studded and as the franchise went on, more stars wanted to be a part of it and they were. It is a whole grill cheese sandwich worth of cheese but so worth it if you’re into funny horror.

Battledogs (2013) is another Asylum production. The story is that a woman is accidentally infected with lycanthropy by a canine tooth. When she gets to the airport she starts changing and turning people. The military tried to contain and use her. The werewolf effects are horrible but I love it. The story isn’t the best but it is interesting. I often re-watch this movie.

Oh, my Goddess! Monster Brawl (2011)! This is the fondue of cheese for movies. The makeup is hysterical and horrible. Do you remember Death Match on MTV? That is what this is. The contestants such as Witch Bitch and Cyclopes will fight each other to the death. Trust me, all hell breaks loose. This is probably like a C or a D movie but I love it. I own it on Vudu.

Do any of these pique your interest? They are the best, I swear, horribly good. Do you have any guilty pleasure B movies that you like? I would love to know so I can watch them. Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…