Ever since 1986 there were plans to make a live-action Barbie movie, however, it was in 2015 that Sony Pictures and Mattel decided to turn those plans into reality. That is making a live-action feature film based on the popular line of Barbie toys.

The movie is being produced by Walter Parkes and Lori MacDonald, along with former Sony studio chairman Amy Pascal and Mattel’s President and COO Richard Dickson, will serve as executive producer. Beginning director Alethea Jones has been circling to direct this project.


Source: Movieweb

First, the main role of Barbie herself was supposed to be played by Any Schumer. But she left the project in March 2017 due to scheduling conflicts. Now another big name is in the lead to play Barbie: Anne Hathaway. However, it is still premature, according to the studio.

If a deal can be made, Hathaway would play a character who lives in Barbieland, where she gets expelled because she’s not perfect enough, is a bit eccentric and doesn’t quite fit the mould. She then goes on an adventure in the real world, and by the time she returns to Barbieland to save it, she has gained the realization that perfection comes on the inside, not the outside, and that the key to happiness is belief in oneself, free of the obligation to adhere to some unattainable standard of perfection. The film will also exploit Barbie’s evolution into dolls of different sizes and shapes.


Source: Mattel

While not much more is known about the movie, the first ever big-screen, live-action Barbie film promises to get a huge marketing push from Sony Mattel in the summer of 2018.

The planned release of this movie is on 8 Augustus 2018.