Members of the Johnson family are going through changes. With Devante experiencing many firsts, Dre starts to acknowledge the many lasts he is experiencing with his older children. While playing basketball with Junior he realizes that Junior is capable of beating him at the sport which causes Dre to fake chest pains in order to delay the inevitable loss.

Dre gets an idea from Pops to mess with Junior’s head in order to make him lose the game. Dre makes a slideshow for Junior with photos of them together which makes Junior sentimental at first but he soon realizes what Dre is doing. Junior ends up beating Dre in a game of one-on-one and Dre congratulates Junior, not letting him know that it really bothers him.

Bow and Dre notice that Diane is more hostile than usual (which is a terrifying thought). When she comes home from school wearing a borrowed pair of pants, Bo learns that Diane got her first period. Bow tries to talk to her about it Diane seems to have it all under control and doesn’t want to talk about it.

When Jack sees Diane get up in the middle of the night to wash her sheets he realizes that she needs someone to talk to. Jack calls Zoey and she comes home to talk to Diane. Zoey shares stories with Diane and Bow and the grandmothers join in on the convo. Diane realizes that all of the other women in her family have gone through the same thing as they share their stories and frustrations with having a period.

With Diane going through changes it leaves Jack feeling a little left behind since Diane has now surpassed him in height. Pops tells Jack he stinks and he needs to put on deodorant, making Jack feel like man.