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The Good Place – ‘Employee of the Bearimy’ Recap

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With Michael, Jason, Eleanor and Tahani finding out Janet was actually Bad Janet, the quest to get her back and the experiment on track was paramount. As Michael and Jason head off to the Bad Place to rescue Janet, Tahani and Eleanor try to maintain a semblance of order in the neighborhood. With Janet running things, the neighborhood is a seamless operation of organization-optimized to whatever the architect needs it to be.

With Janet missing in action, Derek steps in to fill the void. And boy oh boy, does he do a terrible job. As Derek wasn’t made to run things, the neighborhood falls into disarray. Folks speaking in gibberish and falling down from nothing, it’s total chaos. Eleanor makes the informed decision to take their 4 humans to a lake house getaway, hosted by Tahani.

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The wrinkle in this is of course Chidi. Instead of heading to the lake house (he’s scared of lakes), he stays in the neighborhood to read a book. It throws the biggest of wrenches into Eleanor’s plan to keep their 4 human experimentees occupied until Janet ks back. She is nothing if not resourceful; and the fact that Eleanor always came back to loving Chidi in their past lives speaks volumes. She knows how to soothe him and comfort his anxieties. Which is why it’s beyond hurtful to see Chidi and Simone canoodling as a maybe-sorta-kinda couple.

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In the Bad Place, Michael’s plan to rescue Janet slightly backfires when Vicky in her Michael skin suit crashes DemonCon. Jason actually plays his part to perfection-and doesn’t throw a molotov cocktail in the process. The trio manage to hightail it out of the Bad Place and Janet collapses their train station for good measure. It seems only fitting when Janet lets Jason know Nick Foles is the new quarterback for the Jaguars. “Folesssssss!” rang out all the way back to the Good Place.

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