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There was once a time when Netflix’s only feature was sending DVDs to your mailbox, and that was revolutionary enough to put an end to the era of Blockbuster. But the innovators behind Netflix didn’t stop there. With the introduction of online streaming, Netflix built the entertainment empire upon which America sits glued, unable to give it up or resist the temptation to play just one more episode. And then Netflix used its billions to do some real good in the television world, providing original content that reigns supreme amongst corporate cable junk and reality TV. Netflix has power that the average television station does it — it can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. There are no boundaries, no rules, and that is what makes Netflix original shows so good.

So here are the top 10 best Netflix original shows, as chosen by The Game of Nerds staff!

(This list does not include animated children’s shows or shows that were originally on a cable network and then picked up by Netflix)

10. Grace and Frankie
A hilarious and original comedy from Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin about two women in the later half of their lives that start out as rivals but ultimately find companionship after their husbands fall in love with each other  (1 season)

9. Bloodline
An intriguing drama about a contemporary American family living in Florida with dark secrets that surface as the lies they’ve created crumble around them (2 seasons)

8. Narcos
An in-depth look into the dangerous world of drug cartels, following the rise and fall of notorious leader Pablo Escobar (2 seasons)

7. Master of None
Produced by and starring Parks and Recreation’s hilariously charming Aziz Ansari, this real and raunchy comedy looks into the life of a middle age man struggling to make it in show business, New York City, and love while making profound points about the social structure of the world today (1 season)

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
A quirky comedy from some of the best in the business (Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper) about a Midwestern girl who was rescued after  spending 15 years underground with a doomsday cult, now following her life in New York City (2 seasons)

5. Jessica Jones
Part of Marvel’s Netflix original project, this series follows ex-superhero, cynic, and wild card Jessica Jones as she now runs her own private eye business, meanwhile her arc nemesis returns with a vengeance (1 season)

4. Daredevil
Marvel’s first Netflix series, this stand-out superhero adaptation about attorney/vigilante Matt Murdock as he protects the streets of New York brings to light some of the nostalgic elements of the genre that fans adore while also providing the visual and creative storytelling that critics acclaim (2 seasons)

3. Stranger Things
An original from the minds of the Duffer brothers, who used their love of classic 80s movies as inspiration for this sci-fi drama following 3 children on an epic quest to find their missing friend and uncover the secrets hiding beneath their Midwestern suburban town (1 season)

2. Orange is the New Black
Based on a true story, Piper Chapman surrenders herself to the authorities for a drug crime she committed 10 years prior and is thrown into Litchfield women’s prison, where she meets a cast of interesting characters as well as one she already knows all too well (4 seasons)

1. House of Cards
A critically acclaimed, brilliant drama following the lives of the Underwoods, an ambitious power couple, as they maneuver the vicious interworkings of the American political scene

Do you agree with our list? Which shows would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!