Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

We all thought the tough and courageous Captain Raymond Holt didn’t have any flaws or vices, right?

Wrong! It turns out, Captain has quite the gambling addiction…it’s been under control for a while, though. When Jake and Terry want to take down a gambling criminal by getting into a high stakes poker tournament, Holt’s interest is piqued. He said he’d be able to keep it under control, but one night of leading Jake through a few hands at a table led Holt straight to betting on little girls’ gymnastics tournaments. Eeek. Jake and Terry realized pretty quickly that Holt was headed down a dangerous path…one that led him straight into the clutches of the criminal they were trying to catch! Luckily, Jake figured out Holt’s “tell”–using contractions! So they tracked his phone and cut off the bad guys before anything bad happened to Holt. This all led to a touching bro-hug scene where Holt thanked his boys Terry and Jake for being there for him through a dark time, no matter what!

Back at the precinct, we had two fun subplots running simultaneously. This is something B99 has always done well–the subplots feel just as entertaining as the main plot. That isn’t true for some shows!

Scully and Hitchcock challenged Tosa to a sit-off at work; they spent around 32 hours in their rolling desk chairs. Such a feat doesn’t seem like too much of a challenge, but Rosa sure seemed to develop a new respect for Scully and Hitchcock. And I do have to admit, as far as stupid Scully and Hitchcock plots go, this was one of the most entertaining. Usually, I want to fast forward through their stuff.

Also at the precinct, Charles and Amy decide to go in on a food truck together, but their differences in opinion almost keep their venture from getting off the ground! First, Charles buys a previously owned food truck that was the scene of a vicious murder/dismemberment. Amy is disgusted by this, but Charles wants to lean into it and call it “The Murder Truck”. Then, the truck is stolen by the same people who committed the murders; while this relieves Amy, it breaks Charles’ spirit. He almost gives up until Amy tries some of his meatballs and remembers that the whole reason they decided to do this was because of Charles’ amazing food. The dream team is back on!

Other notes:

-When will Gina be back??

-And, major props to the adorable cold open, where Jake tricked Charles and then asked him to be his best man. They’re friendship is the cutest.