Some highlights from the panel and trailer from Fear The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic Con.


Madison Clark is heading to the return September 10th on AMC. Photo Credit AMC

Panel notes (with some that was during the Walking Dead panel which has relevance to this show.)

  • Kim Dickens, who plays Madison Clark, didn’t know from the beginning that she killed her father as a child. She had an idea that something drastic happened but didn’t know exactly what.
  • It’s believed, that Victor Strand, was with Thomas at first of convenience but really did love him.
  • In what could be seen as something to further the belief that both sides had issues, we will not see Travis(Cliff Curtis) as a walker. The verbiage was, “we couldn’t bring him back even if we wanted to.”
  • A hot topic would be if the two shows would ever cross over, the running joke is Daryl will find a magic phone and call the Clark’s. But on a serious note they said it is a possibility you never know.
  • It is ruled out that someone will be found to be “immune” to the virus in this world.
  • They didn’t rule out seeing another part of the world(the running joke is if it isn’t so hot to film in the summer.)
  • The second half of season 3 will return September 10th on AMC.