First and foremost we have to talk about the panel, moderated by Magicians Fanboy Chris Hardwick! Showrunners Sarah Gamble and John McNamara were joined by the full main cast: Jason Ralph, Olivja Dudley, Stella Maeve, Hale Appleman, Summer Bishil, and Arjun Gupta.

We opened with praise for the series from Hardwick followed by a season 2 recap and a few reflections from the cast. The panel rounded out at the end with a few playful fab questions, but the real meat of the panel were the sneak peaks at Season 3!

The Magicians at SDCC


Margo and Elliot are still friends. The dynamic has shifted but they assured us the duo is inseparable.

Speaking of Margo, she said she’s seen more than a couple of royal eye patches so it doesn’t sound like her eye problems are going to go away anytime soon–royal or not.

A musical number for Season 3 was all but promised, no shock with McNamara at the helm.

The Magicians SYFY at SDCC

Also guaranteed for Season 3? The Muntjac! The plotline to save magic from the second Magicians novel The Magician King will apparently be the major plot point for Season 3, confirming fan suspicions after the dramatic finale!

Watch the video linked below for behind the scenes footage and commentary from the cast on the Muntjac!

The Magicians at SDCC: The Muntjac
Theory: We are skeptical that the appearance of the Mutjac doesn’t guarantee going specifically to Outer Island or following any direct points of the books (kind of hard to do considering the changes in Benedict and Penny), but do speculate a quest for the magical keys to unlock a magical escape hatch or reopen the closed wells will be on the menu.

Social Media Highlights 

The cast and producers were on all fronts sharing all day, but we picked a few of our favorites for your pleasure,credit goes to the original posters, and we left the sources in case you want to go spread the love!

The day before the panel the partial cast did their ET interview which was streamed on Facebook live

The Magicians at SDCC via ET

They hung around the convention and eventually ended up on the SYFY karaoke bus, out favorite piece hands down was Summer and Hale’s duet to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

We suggest heading to Jean Bentley’s Twitter @hijean for great Magicians karaoke video!

Olivia didn’t arrive until the morning of their panel, but arrived decently in character

The best cosplay of the convention kept cropping up in our feed, and gold goes hands down The Magicians Fairy Cosplay

While all the cast shenanigans had us satisfied with the convention, there is no feeling like having your fandom represented with strong cosplay, and we appreciate these dedicated fans delivering, and the cast seemed equally grateful on Twitter.