Lennie James is an amazing actor. He is so great that I need to search out other projects he has been in to put on my watch list. This episode was incredible, easily the best episode in the entire Fear the Walking Dead run, and has to be in a discussion for one of the top episodes in the flagship series. When I gather notes I typically fill around 3/4 of a page, this episode I had nearly 2 pages of notes

This episode had so much going for it, this is an episode that people who watched the regular walking dead, and not fear, should at least watch this one episode as it ties into the very first episode of the series.

Morgan decided to take this side quest to King County, why he decided to do it now I’m still unsure but I am sure glad he did. Grace, Mo, Dwight and Sherry all end up in King County for different reasons. Grace and Mo because Mo faked a message that she knew Grace would follow, while Dwight and Sherry easily cracked the code and have to bring Morgan back so they can get Finch and leave to wherever they want.

Zoey Merchant as Wren, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

This episode didn’t have much plot advancement, but the story, acting, and visuals were just amazing. The team at Fear had to actually rebuild and recreate the streets, and the building room sets of the house Morgan, Dwayne and Rick stayed in during the flagship episode. We also got a learn a bit more of the mental episodes that Morgan went through during his clear stage. He has some spots of amnesia, miss remembering, black outs, and straight up rage. I anticipate we see the rage come back for Morgan in episode 6 titled, “All I see is red”.

The next nice Easter egg was when Morgan was talking about the rifle that was in the home and that it was given to him by Rick Grimes. Morgan tried to use the rifle to pass walkers and to slip by Dwight and Sherry, but he kept seeing his ex wife Jenny and freezed up. The ending portion of the episode was amazing, and I’m not going to lie, it had me shedding tears.

After miss remembering where he left Dwayne, Mo was trapped back in the house that caught on fire. Morgan told her to get to the attic, where DWAYNE WAS CHAINED UP! When Morgan finally gets up there he sees the writing on the walls and says, “I brought him here?” in a heartbreaking distraught voice. Mo is trapped by the collapsed ceiling and Morgan had to fight his past and flashbacks of Dwayne and shot his son in walker form to save Mo. He finally was able to do what he set out to do.

The next day he buried his wife and son, and they made plans to meet up with Madison and Daniel to take over PADRE and reunite kids and parents. During all of this talking a walker thrusts up from the rubble at Mo, and during the scuffle Grace is bit on the side.

Morgan and Mo drive to the supply drop off point, that Dwight and Sherry left to the night before on horseback to meet up with Finch who was to sneak on the boat. Morgan arrives, shoots the two PADRE members and asks Dwight and Sherry how the treatment for bites is working on Finch and they need to get to the train car to meet June. They all get in the boat to try to get Grace to the train car for treatment, as at that time Finch was doing quiet well.

Karen David as Grace – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

I didn’t want to cover everything in this episode as you need to see it. It was quite amazing. Though I can say episode 5 is a real downer, I wish this episode was going to ramp this final season to the conclusion.