San Diego Comic Con celebrated Big Bang Theory’s ten years and the series was recently renewed to have Seasons 11 & 12.

We saw that Sheldon proposed to Amy at the end of Season 10 and when Kaley Cuoco was asked for her reaction she said: “I cried” and Kunal Naayar added ” everyone cried”. The number one CBS comedy is truly amazing and we saw a lot of fun content in the Big Bang Theory Panel in the SDCC.

Cuoco revealed that when playing the Valentine’s Day episode, Johnny Galecki “fake punched” her as a prank which went horribly wrong and her “head burst open” and they had to do the scene all over again with her standing the other way around to cover the stitches.

Kayley Cuoco (Penny)


Then the panel was asked if the character Penny had a last name and Cuoco replied that ” she doesn’t need a last name… just Penny”. She then went on to say that she had a last name for Penny but ” I’m Mrs. Hofstetter, so it doesn’t matter.” Big Bang Theory had a lot of guest star appearance from Will Wheaton and Stephen Hawking but it was none other than the infamous Stan Lee who was the favourite. Cuoco commented that : ” Stan Lee was so cool. He’s such a stud… he’s got so much swagger.”

On top of that ,we saw Kunal Naayar saying he would swap characters with Cuoco because she “always gets the coolest outfits” and Sussman revealed that he wouldn’t mind ” switching with Wolowitz.”

Finally, the panel showed off two new versions of the “Soft Kitty” song which included “Soft Bunny” and “Hard Turtle” which was probably the funniest moment of the hour.

Season 11 Episode 1 will air on September 25, 2017 at 8 pm ETC and we will supposedly see Amy’s reply to Sheldon’s proposal and if we can officially ship Sheldon and Amy as “Shamy”.