San Diego Comic Con- The Tick

The Tick made its presence known around SDCC this year; whether it be free attractions or outrageous decoration. Everyone who went to the panel this year was treated with a special early showing of episode 2 of The Tick. Right now, the pilot for the series is up on Amazon Video.

The Tick at SDCC- JohnPaul Castillo
The Tick at SDCC- JohnPaul Castillo

If you aren’t familiar with The Tick, it originally was a comic series created by Ben Edland in 1986. It was eventually picked up for an animated series that was received well and a live action series that was not received as well. The Tick is a jolly, square-jawed superhero that possesses super human strength. He was created as a parody of normal superheroes that were around in the late 80’s. But now with the new adaptation of The Tick, it is now meant to have a little bit more of a serious tone, while still keeping its witty humor.

The Tick at SDCC- JohnPaul Castillo
The Tick at SDCC- JohnPaul Castillo

The panel had most of the main characters and a couple of executive producers present this year. A few of the highlights of the panel was of course the early showing of the second episode in the series. But something that really stood out to me was Peter Serafinowicz stated that one of his biggest inspirations was Adam West, and that kind of fun-loving attitude that he had would resonate greatly with this show and Peter’s role. Also, The Ticks creator Ben Edlund said that making his creation into something serious is “one of the funniest things he could do”. It is definitely an interesting take and I’m very excited to see how the show will do. I really enjoyed the pilot episode!

Amazon Video will start streaming The Tick’s first six episodes on August 25th. It is said that the next six episodes will come out sometime next year.


Author: Garrett Lee

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