Source: Marvel Television/IMAX Studios. Serinda Swan as Medusa from Marvel’s Inhumans.

I’m not going to lie, Marvel Television’s upcoming series Inhumans is one that I worry about. I’m a big fan of Inhumans comics, and it’s an ambitious undertaking.

If you are blanking on the Inhumans, brush up on the their lore with some articles I wrote: All About the Inhumans and All About the Inhumans, Part II.

I had high expectations for this series; expectations that were somewhat tempered by the addition of Scott Buck, the showrunner of the mixed Iron Fist. The original cast poster wasn’t terrible, but something looked off; particularly Queen Medusa. Her colors were too pastel, her dress was weirdly shaped, and her wig – well, it looked like a wig. The first trailer didn’t do much to assuage my fears either, with it’s dull colors and lack of energy. (I will say, however, Lockjaw looks fantastic, the acting doesn’t look half-bad and the cinematography looks pretty good, too.)

That being said, I have not let the negative hate train run me down. I am still excited to see what Marvel’s most infamous royal family has to offer, and I feel the IMAX experience will present something new and unexplored on the television medium.

Let’s take a look at what we learned at Thursday’s Marvel’s Inhumans presence at San Diego Comic-Con.

News of Interest

  • IMAX released a new extended trailer. We get good shots of Triton, Lockjaw, Medusa’s hair, and lots of fighting. It actually looks pretty damn good. It will debut in theaters with IMAX screenings of Dunkirk.
  • The large panel featured Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb (in a rather horrifying Medusa wig), director Roel Reine, and showrunner Scott Buck, alongside actors Mike Moh (“Triton”), Isabelle Cornish (“Crystal”), Eme Ikwuakor (“Gorgon”), Iwan Rheon (“Maximus”), Anson Mount (“Black Bolt”), Serinda Swan (“Medusa”), Ken Leung (“Karnak”), Sonya Balmores (“Auran”) and Ellen Woglom.
  • Ellen Woglom’s previous unnamed new character got a name: Louise.
  • IMAX built a special, wider lens just for Inhumans.
  • The cast did extensive research and training for the role. Sonya Balmores took boxing lessons for the bodyguard Auran, and Anson Mount worked with linguistics and sign language communities to build a new form of sign language for the silent Black Bolt. Mike Moh is a five-time Taek Won Do world champion, and he was happy that he was able to use his talents in the role; he also spent 3-5 hours in makeup every day. Eme Ikwuakor was able to chest-press Isabelle Cornish more than 45 times.
  • An Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover was teased by Jeph Loeb.
  • The score will be composed by Jessica Jones’ Sean Callery.
  • Several clips from the pilot were shown: One focuses on Triton on Earth looking for a new Inhuman. He is shot and falls, bloodied, into a river. The second one focuses on tension between the Moon-dwelling royal family. Maximus demands that they return to Earth, but the King Black Bolt decides it isn’t yet time. Another focuses on the CGI of Medusa using her hair, and another has Karnak using his powers similar to Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.
  • Scott Buck called the show a “show about people with powers” instead of a “superhero show”.
  • Iwan Rheon stated that Maximus uses the dissatisfaction of the Inhuman colony with the king to stage a coup. He was afraid of being typecast, but says that Maximus isn’t all bad like Ramsay Bolton was and described him as “Shakespearean”.
  • Jeph Loeb stated that the first two hours use over 600 special effects.
  • Attendees were invited to a “tonight only” IMAX event where they are showing exclusive footage.


  • A statue of Lockjaw was unveiled earlier in the day for photos. Lockjaw plushes are everywhere, and a new series poster was revealed.
  • By show of hands, most of the cast members admitted that they had never attended SDCC before.
  • Jeph Loeb presented Mike Moh with a Lockjaw plushie, which he stated all the cast received as gifts (and many proudly displayed them on their table).
  • Ken Leung and Eme Ikwuakor debated which power is better: flight or super-strength.