This episode of Fear the Walking Dead had a lot of great moments, some sad moments, and left us on a mini cliff hanger as we have to wait an extra week to find conclusions.

Morgan and John pick up their stuff after John’s story, they are still apart of the world, and John wants to know some answers. We see a vulture picking everything in a store, light bulbs, hinges, screws, the vulture moniker is perfect. The man comes out and John and Morgan get the jump on him, they give him a chance to surrender, but he ultimately goes for his gun after being warned against it. John shoots the mans trigger finger right off! What an epic display of gunman ship, I’ve said it before, he is the most accurate gun user in the Walking Dead universe that we have seen. John searches the mans pockets and finds a map of a future meet up place, Morgan tells the man to warn the others that people are going their to kill them and they let the man escape. After John feels ashamed, he gives the guns to Morgan and asks him to hold them for now, he just wants to know how Naomi died. Meanwhile at the SWAT vehicle, Al is asked in a round about way if her guns on the vehicle can be used in the fight. Al says that they can not, and she just says behind the camera during the events.

In the past, Strand wants to know why Madison bothered to save him from the water, nursed him back to health in the cave, and they all waited until he was ready to go instead of leaving him. Madison says she knows who he really is, what should she have done let him drown? Strand said he would have. Naomi tries to take off in a vehicle but is stopped before the gate, when confronted she said she didn’t want to say anything but she is going to a former place she stayed at. It has seeds, supplies and all sorts of things, she wanted to go alone since it’s dangerous. Strand and Madison decide to accompany her, on the trip nightfall comes quickly and they stay at an Inn. In one of the big rooms a couple of people killed each other for some beans. Strand finds a mini bar and has all sorts of snacks, the trio has a feast, they talk about previous mini bars on the journey. They tell Naomi they originated from Los Angeles, to Mexico and now Texas.

Naomi says she used to live in an FEMA shelter, she admits to them that she wasn’t going to get any supplies when she was caught leaving, she was just going to leave, she was going to leave a map if they wanted to go on their own. Strand gets pissed and takes the keys from Naomi and says now she can’t leave, Strand doesn’t know she can hot wire cars, which she does in the morning and takes off. Naomi gets to the FEMA shelter, the front door is chained and locked shut from the outside, she knocks on the window, tons of walkers are inside. Strand and Madison try to catch up, Strand tells Madison that the truck stash wasn’t a win, it was his contingency plan just in case, people don’t change.


Naomi, or Laura is not who she seems. But who is she exactly? Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

Naomi goes through the back of the shelter, she knows the combination to a lock box, she looks passed guns for a book on hand written notes for sutures. She also find a book with planting instructions and pictures, our old friends turnip make an appearance in the book. Naomi keeps heading somewhere else, she says kid hand prints on some sort of art pieces. She loses herself, falls to the ground with a loud thud, and attracts the attention of the walkers naturally. The walkers close in fast from all sorts of sides, she takes off towards the bunk area, the walkers are coming from all sides, she refuses to shoot a gun. Their is some sort of makeshift scaffold in the area so she climbs up out of arms reach of the walkers. She looks down at all of them and tears up saying “I’m so sorry.”

Madison and Strand come in through the back that Naomi came in, Naomi tosses them keys and says the truck in the back has all the supplies they need, just take it and leave. Madison and Strand insist on helping and Strand has a plan, he gets some rope, tosses it and holds onto it making it some sort of zip line. It’s a little hairy but Naomi is able to climb across the line to safety after some near falls, and Madison distractions on walkers. Outside of that room, in a safe area, Naomi says it had to be here to make up for what she did. She said she had a daughter here named Rose. Good people were here, they knew how to survive, they had people who taught classes, and could gather supplies and knew how to survive. She said this is all her fault, her daughter got a cough, in about a weeks time it turned into pneumonia. Naomi knew what she needed and hid Rose in a pantry behind the food court and told her to stay there. It took Naomi 2 or 3 days, non stop no sleep and she found the amoxicillin. She came back and it was to late, Rose ended up turning that first night and when she got back everyone else did too?!

**Side thoughts on this. This does not at all make sense. How could a little girl end up killing an entire shelter of people without being stopped or anyone’s escape? Who locked the door from the outside, how did someone get in the truck and die? I wonder if the Vultures or another group did this? But if so I’m not sure why they didn’t take supplies, something about all of this doesn’t make sense but I can’t put my finger on it.**

Madison, Strand and Naomi return with the truck full of seeds and supplies, when the Vultures see that the stadium is resupplying they leave saying they can’t wait as long as this will take. The Vultures are reminded that they have picked over everything in a 50 mile radius so they must be low on supplies too. Back inside, after hearing what Strand had, and what the FEMA shelter had in place with a truck, Madison asks Alicia to put a just in case plan together in the Land Rover. Put some rations, medical supplies and two rifles, Alicia says the Vultures are gone and won’t be coming back, Madison says just in case and have it at the back of the convoy.

Morgan and John arrive at the ambush point in a van. Alicia and company come out and have them at gunpoint, asking why they are here. Morgan says to help, and the men won’t show up, they found one and told them to stay away. Morgan says all of this will just make things worse. Morgan asks Al for some help and she just hangs back and films not getting involved. The Vultures end up not taking the advice and roll up around 10-12 vehicles deep, they come out guns loaded.

The leader tells Alicia he is sorry about her brother. Alicia says she isn’t sorry about his. This ticks him off and you can see vengeance in his eyes, his radio goes off asking where everyone is? He asks someone near if they told her, everyone says no. The Vulture leader says you will like this. The vehicle comes up and it’s a Land Rover! Outcome some hipster looking shoes and get up, and it’s Naomi! John calls out to her, she calls out to John, John heads over to her. Alicia flips out and screams NOOOOO! She takes a shot towards Naomi’s direction but it his John in the chest! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please not John, I’m starting to really like him.


I hate everyone, and everything. Please save John you piece of garbage! Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC