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For those of you who don’t watch The Flash and may get confused about an character developments in the latest Supergirl episode, allow me to hit the high points. The Music Meister ropes Barry Allen and Kara Danvers into a “Romeo and Juliet” style love-story, but they’re not the ones in love. Their significant others, Iris West and Mon-El of Daxam, are deeply in love with each other, but through a series of mafia-themed events, their respective parents refuse to allow the two to be together. A gun war breaks out and Barry and Kara, both very much human in this world, get shot in the crossfire. The catch is that if they die in this world, they’ll die in the real world. The true Mon-El and Iris manage to get to them, and as our heroes lay dying, they proclaim their love and forgiveness The couples both kiss goodbye, but they’re transported back to the real world where everyone is healthy, alive, and in love – which was the lesson to learn here. Love conquers all. That being said, let’s dive into the newest Supergirl episode!


Source: Supergirl – CW Network

Kara, the lover of all foods, wakes to the smell of breakfast. Though Mon-El had been planning on waking the Girl Of Steel with breakfast in bed, it seems not even romantic gestures can stand in the way of Kara Danvers and her true love: Bacon.  The sweet moment between Kara and well…her breakfast (Feat. Mon-El), is interrupted by a news alert that says a cycloptic-laser-beam-shooting alien is wreaking havoc in downtown National City. Mon-El offers to help, but ultimately has to sit on the sidelines when he realizes his suit is at the DEO. Kara, fully donned in her Supergirl outfit tells him she’s got it covered. The Kryptonian drops in and makes quick work of the alien, and apprehends it in the name of the DEO. Now, I’m going to pause here. This episode is broken up into two parts that eventually connect at one major point. Alex and Maggie have a more in depth storyline, and while Alex does make appearances at the DEO, her presence in the scenes aren’t crucial. So I’m going to tell their story, tell the main story, and entwine them as they connect.

Alex and Maggie, having just finished yoga class (much to Alex’s chagrin) happen to run into Emily, an ex from Maggie’s past. After some pushing by Alex, the detective invites Emily to dinner that night. At the restaurant, forty-five minutes had passed, and it becomes apparent that Emily stood the couple up. Maggie confesses that she and Emily had been together for five years, and when they broke up, Emily told Maggie that the detective didn’t deserve happiness. The confession gets under Alex’s skin, so she goes to visit Emily. The agent tells Emily what she knows, but Emily drops a bomb on her – Maggie had cheated on her. Alex taken aback by the new information, leaves Emily with an apology. At her apartment, Alex reveals to her girlfriend what shed done and what she’d learned. Maggie immediately gets defensive, but Alex offers only comfort. She tells Maggie that, because of how her parents had reacted to her coming out, she believes that the detective stopped trusting in the people closest to her. Alex lovingly explains that she is here to help Maggie heal, but the moment where “I Love You” SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAID, (picture me shaking my fist at the t.v.), is interrupted by an emergency call from Kara, which we will get to in a moment. Now to the main story-line!

President Linda Carter


At the agency, J’onn is discussing the Daxamite Royalty with the President Of The United States (Guest-Starring Linda Carter). Apparently, Mon-El’s parents are hovering in low orbit, and because they don’t yet pose a threat, J’onn is given strict orders not to engage them. After the video conference, the director joins the Supergang in the command center. Winn reveals that the alien Kara apprehended had a messaging device – one that carried the message of Supergirl’s bounty. Someone placed an intergalactic bounty on her head, and the reward money for her death is hefty enough to purchase a planet. Because of the target on her back, J’onn makes Kara agree to lie low for 24 hours. Mon-El follows a hunch and arranges to meet with his parents at the alien dive bar. They comment with disgust at his willingness to be a “Servant,” but he defends his job as a bartender. Without skipping a beat, he demands to know why they placed a bounty on Kara’s head, but they adamantly deny doing so. His father explains that they were waiting in orbit in the hopes that Mon-El would change his mind, but that they’d never put a bounty out. Mon-El reluctantly accepts that answer, and the trio parts ways.

Bounty Hunter Device


Mon-El enters Kara’s apartment, where a very heated Supergirl is trying to convince James and Winn to let her go fight crime. Unbeknownst to them, a telepathic alien is just below Kara’s apartment complex. The alien gains control of Mon-El’s body, forcing him to attack Kara. They end up fighting atop a parking garage, and though Guardian tries to intervene, it makes no difference. Winn converted the bounty hunter messaging device into an alert device, that would beep whenever a similar device was near. He discovers the alien and puts a “gun” (see:stapler) to his back. The alien is arrested and brought to the DEO. He boasts about knowing everything, but Winn makes a crack that he didn’t know the difference between a stapler and a gun. J’onn and the alien get into what seems to be a battle of the minds, and the green martian comes out on top. The alien admits that the Queen of Daxam announced the bounty, and the group tries to prepare to attack. J’onn tells them that they’re not allowed to attack the ship, and he’ll take what they’ve learned to the president for review.

Telepathic Alien


Kara and Mon-El discuss his parents’ blatant disregard for their relationship, and when Kara suggests they talk, the prince reminds her that they’re not allowed to engage with his parents; to which she reminds him that J’onn only said not to attack them. They meet with the Queen at the Fortress of Solitude, where she quips that despite Krypton ruining Daxam, she would have to step foot into such a disdainful place. They beseech her to call off the bounty, but when the queen refuses, Kara steps closer to demand why she’s trying to take away Mon-El’s happiness, but suddenly Kara feels weak. The Queen produces two Kryptonite sais, (daggers of a sort) and cuts Kara’s cheek open before stabbing her in the leg. Supergirl asks where she got kryptonite, and the queen tells her that Daxam is littered with it. As she tries to hurt Kara again, Mon-El intervenes and gives his word that he’ll return to Daxam and be prince. He and his mother leave, and after a frantic call to her sister, Kara return to the DEO. She explains what happened, but J’onn tells her that he’s under strict orders from the president not to attack the ship, despite what they’ve done.

Fortress of Solitude

Source: Supergirl – CW Network

Kara, in spite of J’onn’s orders convinces him to help her. On the ship, Mon-El is brooding over the actions of his mother, something (it’s obvious) that his father knew nothing about. When his father tries to talk to him, he tells the king that if he’s going to be prince, he wants to make real change. Mon-El goes on about how he wants to make the people equal, but the queen won’t hear of it and imprisons her own son. Back at the DEO, Winn had repaired the portal to Slaver’s Moon. He and Alex explain that all they need is the exact coordinates and a portal will open. They tell Kara she can’t go, but the Girl of Steel claims to have an idea. On the ship, Kara jumps through a portal and engages in combat with the Queen. When she attempts to stab the Kryptonian, the knife does nothing and Kara transforms into J’onn. Winn manages to beam into the cells, and he rescues Mon-El, who makes a Star Wars joke that has Winn grinning proudly. On Earth, Alex and the real Kara watch as J’onn takes on multiple guards. Seeing him so outnumbered, Supergirl dives through the portal to help. As they’re fighting, Mon-El jumps into the fray and snatches one of the guard’s weapons. He blasts a hole in the ship’s windows, which pulls not only the kryptonite weapons into space, but many of the attackers as well. His father manages to block the windows with steel doors, effectively closing off the hole. When he sees how Mon-El and Kara reunite, he gives them his blessing to leave – something they do as quickly as possible.As the day winds down, Maggie is talking to Emily as Alex looks on. The two hug, and as the detective rejoins her girlfriend, the DEO agent asks if they’d discussed her at all. Maggie confirms that they did, and that Emily commented on how exceptional Alex is, to which the agent agrees with a snarky comment. J’onn debriefs the president, and though the Daxamites left, he disobeyed orders. She tells him that she’ll review everything pending punishment for his actions. As the call ends, the president’s human form vanishes, and she turns out to be some species of alien.

While Earth believes the Daxamite King and Queen to be gone, they’re actually hidden near the moon. As the duo looks out over the planet, the Queen tells her husband how in sync they used to be, and how it’s not that way anymore. The King hugs her, but she will have none of his “apparent betrayal,” and stabs him to death. Dun Dun Duuuuuunnnn. Did anyone else just sort of yell “You crazy bitch!” when she did that? Because I did. Supergirl, sadly, is officially on hiatus until April 24th, so be sure to keep your eye out for that return date! As always, thanks for reading!