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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returned for it’s third season with a vengeance (hehehe, see what I dd there? I made a pun and tied it into the plot of the premiere)!

You’ll recall that last season, Josh left Rebecca at the alter and chose God instead. Paula decided to give Scott a second chance despite the affair, Valencia was going to start a wedding planning business, Darryl was trying to convince WiJo to have a baby, and Heather was just being awesome and into wines.

It’s been two weeks since the wedding and no one knows where Rebecca Bunch is. The whole town is abuzz and looking for her, even starting a local trending topic on Twitter. #WheresRebeccaBunch. This is the premise for the shows first musical number, where old and new timey styles blend. The cast is dressed up as old school townspeople but they’re using modern day technology. This segues into Rebecca at a hotel, binge watching movies and eating her feelings. She decides to snap out of it and fight back  fIGht BacK FIGHT BACK!

She dies her hair hella dark and puts on a hella seductive dress and heads to the office where she calls a fake meeting and summons everyone. Rebecca is acting all breezy and cool but Paula, Valencia, & Heather aren’t buying it. In fact the only person buying this act is Nathaniel, who all of a sudden really wants to get with Rebecca, and even develops some stalker-ish tendencies. In this meeting, she announces that she wants one thing and one thing only, revenge on Josh Chan. Her plan for revenge? sending Josh cupcakes iced with her poop…clearly she watched The Help while she was cooped up in that hotel room.


Source: CW Network // Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Her girls make her promise to not go through with the poop plan and the compromise they agree on is a fake sex tape where a Josh lookalike screams his distrust of Jesus, hence ruining real Josh’s career prospects. This plan is also terrible, but the girl squad goes through with it – well they try to, up until the fake sex tape almost turns into a real sex tape. YEAH! They hold a casting call and find British Josh lookalike (superbly played by Vincent Rodriguez III wearing a fake nose) and when the day of the taping comes, Rebecca decides that instead of fake sex they should have real sex. That’s the final straw, Paula and the girls make her admit what’s really going on. More than wanting to take Josh down, Rebecca’s reached a point where she doesn’t care what happens to her. It would have been fun to see more of this revenge stuff go down before we got to this sad realization but they show is probably itching to get set on it’s new path.

While discussing all the pain Becks is in, they realize that the best way to get revenge on Josh would be to sue him! Rebecca is a powerful legal mind and Paula is one in training – using the law to bring him down would be the greatest revenge of all. Heather is here for it all because she loves draaahmaaaa and Valencia wants to get her wedding planning business back on track, the Josh fiasco gave her a bad rep. This girls night style hang also results in one of the shows best songs, Let’s Generalize About Men. This song manages to respect and make fun of the way women make blanket statements about men when they gather in groups.

While all this is happening, Paula is putting Scott through a series of tests designed to help her trust him again, because she’s having doubts about letting him back into her life and is still felling hurt from the betrayal of the affair. This whole thing gets resolved rather quickly though, with Paula briefly being weird and telling him to call her Tanya in bed. At the end, they reconcile for real and blow past the weird sexual thing. Nice to see Paula get a win in her romantic life.

Lastly, WiJo & Darryl are still dealing with the effects of his suggesting they have a baby at the end of last season. When Josh presents his line of Ant Protein Bars (yes, made from ants, I can’t even), Darryl gets them wrapped in custom wrapping and picks out a name for the company and then dresses up in an Anteater costume and hands them out to people, all of this without consulting with his bae. When WiJo sees this surprise, he hates it and it turns into a real fight for the couple, about how Darryl is too much too fast too soon and Josh is too cautious. They decide to head to therapy with Dr. Akopian’s husband, Dr. Akopian, to deal with their issues and ultimately emerge stronger as a couple.


Source: CW Network // Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Though it may seems like she is, Rebecca is still not perfectly stable, she lies to Paula about Robert – telling her he was just a dog, and despite promising to not go through with the poop stuff, we see her send Josh some homemade cupcakes.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.