I know, I know, I know!  It’s too early to start talking about spin-offs for “Lethal Weapon.” The series has a long life ahead of it before fans can start talking about the show spinning off into strange and crazy directions.

But does this mean a girl can’t dream a bit?

And so, with that in mind, let us brainstorm!

(1) Medical Examiner Boy Meets Detective Girl?  

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Most of us know that one of the most popular ways to spin-off a show is to take a smaller character and give them their own story.  Now, this takes pretty strong character or set of characters.  This also tends to require a strong actor as well.  I think we have all of these things in the lovably flirty Bernard Scorsese.  (And am I the only one who never realized he had a first name?).  We’ve only seen glimpses of who he is when he isn’t at work, but I’m curious enough to want to know more.  A good secondary main character for him would be Sonya Bailey.  The show has just recently had him flirting with her, but fans have no idea where that’s going, if anywhere.  That tug-of-war back and forth?  That uncertain chemistry?  Haven’t we seen it in a billion other TV series?  Here, if given the chance, I think Scorsese could not just make for his own TV show, but he’d make it a good comedy too!

(2) Saving People the Leo Way?

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One of the most talked about suggestions for a spin-off is actually a team-up we’ve already seen!  Do you remember that episode where Trish Murtaugh and Leo Getz had to put their heads together for a while?  It wasn’t easy for either of them, but by the end, even Trish was shaking her head in fond affection.  . . or fond irritation, it could have gone either way.  So, imagine if you will, a world where these two keep getting thrown together.  Leo frustrates Trish as much as he helps her.  She goes back and forth between frustration and affection.  She never quite can settle on whether Leo Getz is actually helpful or is accidentally helpful. . . then again, can we fans?

(3) Life in the Precinct Before Riggs?  

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This is my personal favorite!  What was life in this precinct like before Riggs threw a wrench into the works?  What was the partnership between Avery and Murtaugh like?  What if we saw this spin-off through the eyes of Avery?  Imagine how terrified Avery’s partner must be these days compared to when Avery’s craziest employee was Roger Murtaugh?  What sort of scares have there been for Avery?  What made him captain material?  Does he miss the field?  Is there a part of him that at all envies the partnership between Riggs and Murtaugh?  A partnership he used to have?  I’d love to see this one day, perhaps once, God forbid!  “Lethal Weapon” has left our screens for good.  Fortunately for us fans, that day is nowhere in sight!

So, tell me dear fans, do you have a better suggestion for a spin-off of “Lethal Weapon?” Let me know!