Quick flashback to the beginning, nothing really of note here, the four head to the outpost to meet with Huck for the gas. Jadis wants to drop disruption charges so the insurgents can’t use walkies or anything. The timeline is in 4 hours to pickup all the gas to take to Portland and she intends to have everything wrapped up by then. Felix makes it back to the truck for Dr. Bennett and some scientists a split second before some CRM soldiers arrive. The four arrive to Dennis and Huck with the C-4. Huck tells them minimum safe distance is three miles and they should leave on foot, Huck and Dennis will go to the Civic Republic and tell them what the military has been doing behind their backs. Silas decides to stay with Huck and Dennis saying they will need help to get there, and they will get there. So the groups now are Huck, Dennis and Silas, and Iris, Hope and Elton.

The soldiers have Felix and Dr. Bennett pinned down but Will comes back to help, they split up a bit to make it a bit easier to pick off soldiers one at a time. Will takes out one, while Felix fights with the squad leader. Back at the outpost, Huck tells Dennis and Silas that the CRM has not only effected the coms but the remote detonators too. She wants to know how far the weapons cache is in case they have any timer detonators. Dennis said they might, it’s about 3 miles away, and it could take 20 minutes to go there and back, Huck insists that Dennis goes with Silas to the cache.

Alexa Mansour as Hope, Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Felix and Lt. Frank are in an intense battle with walkers coming at them from all sides, Felix is the winner when it’s all said and done by stabbing the Lt. in the stomach. Back at the truck, Will and Dr. Bennett use the numbers game to kill the last soldier. Elsewhere, Jadis and some soldiers arrive at the outpost, she has them sweep the warehouse and check the containers. Jadis and Huck end up in a big fight. They also exchange verbal jabs, Jadis said she traded someone to get into the city, she had an A but said he was a B so he wouldn’t end up in her mom’s lab, she owed him that much. So yes she traded someone to get into the city but when she saw what they had she signed up. Huck tells Jadis that she is a murderer with a 100,000 deaths on her, Jadis said they got all the info from Hucks’ mission. Jadis ends up stabbing Huck in the stomach during the fight and you can see that Huck is nearing the end, but she goes on one last tangent about a gold watch, Jadis sees that Huck doesn’t have her gold watch and knows the explosives are rigged to blow, she runs off and orders everyone onto the helicopter to leave.

Indira and some others catch up to Hope and company just in time to clear out a bunch of walkers with the mounted gun, while Huck is just seen laying down in the warehouse for her final moments. Hope and company see the green smoke and how they are still to close, Dennis and Silas see green smoke from the weapons cache. Indira runs with gas masks and for some stupid reason Hope stops to just smile about things and Elton has to jump in front of her from getting bit by a walker but he gets bit in his left arm. Dennis knows his days are numbered, but thinks their is a way to save Silas. He tells Silas they knew he was a traitor, but if he kills Dennis it will look like he was a captor who got the upper hand and would be a hero, this is how he gets a second chance, they need to see him as one of them.

Silas kills Dennis, he gets captured, so he at least doesn’t die immediately. Everyone is holding up in an underground mall. They are taking care of Elton, while Will gives Indira the medicine she needs to keep alive. Iris talks with Hope and Dr. Bennett that some of Indira’s people want to leave and go to Portland to warn them, and she wants to go too. She also thinks that others should stay here, Cornell is near by and should have lab equipment, and they could keep working on the science for a few years until they find a permanent place. Iris says she will come back, nothing is forever, Iris also says that Felix and Will should stay to protect everything and everyone here.

Flash forward an unknown amount of time and Silas is inside one of the CRM’s cities, Jadis has asked him there for a meeting. She knows that Silas’s story was a lie, that Dennis really put him up to killing him and doing what he did to stay alive, but she says the important thing is that he went through with it. She also says she heard he wanted to be a soldier, and asked if that was also a lie, he said no he thinks he would make a good soldier, and she counters that he would make a great one. She wants to take him on as a special project and excited to see all the things he can do and will become.

Julia Ormond as Elizabeth – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Elizabeth and Jadis talk things over, she said she read the report about her daughter, and that she did monstrous things for the betterment of the future. But isn’t sure if it was the right choices, she also knows the scientists know that the CRM needs them and what they have been doing. Jadis ends up getting Elizabeth arrested for treason, they need a fall person for all the things that have happened, and ultimately to protect herself. Elizabeth has no choice but to go with the four armed soldiers.

As everything gets all buttoned up, Elton wakes up, and we hear his voice talk over the last few scenes. Hope and the scientists work on walkers and studies and seem to be making progress. Elizabeth rots away in a cell, Silas seems to be a soldier in the CRM overseeing some recruits and is high enough to be on duty at the helipads, while Iris, Elton and company make it to an intact Portland.

After the quick ending credits is the moments everyone has and will continue to be talking about, I’ll likely have an article dedicated to just this. Someone seems to be sneaking into a facility, sets up a laptop with some power packs and some information. The person stops to watch what is on the tape. It is Dr. Jenner, back from the original Walking Dead Season 1. If you keep subtitles on you can see what Jenner is saying during the duration of the other conversation in French, that you would also need to read. So I would suggest watching this with and without. To quickly sum it up he stats how the other Dr. Jenner has gotten good at getting supplies, and they are low on items and tests they are running, nothing overly critical while the other talking is happening.

Some guy with a gun, smoking a cigarette comes inside. He asks if she is a scientist, and if she has been running and hiding this entire time. She says yes, he asks if she was apart of the Primrose team, and she says no Violet. The man wants to know where the Primrose team is at, she says they weren’t here when you did what you did. They were at a conference in Toledo, Ohio. The lady hopes that the team came back somehow and was still working, and close to a cure. She thinks if they were still working on this they would end this, even after all this time. The man says they are dead, and if they are not dead and somehow comes back like her they will throw them in jail like the others or kill them. He says that all the teams started this, and then they made it worse. He shoots her in the back and walks out pretty swiftly and locks the door.

We cut back to Dr. Jenner mentioning variant cohorts, that they haven’t seen anything like that, nothing close. He hopes this finds you as well as you can be. In something like a minute, the lady turns to a walker and seems to have some sort of memory. The walker gets up, turns behind her and walks swiftly and then gets to an almost run to the door. She is ULTRA aggressive and loud banging on the door from the inside. Is this the variant cohort the French team were referring to? Walkers that can remember and are fast or can run? Do they have similar abilities as season 1 walkers? Many questions and many things that are sure to tie into the other shows, Rick movies, and any new spin offs.