Episode Synopsis:

When Jess gets nervous about starting her new position as principal, Nick and Schmidt decide to take her on a relaxing day trip to Solvang, which quickly goes “sideways.” Meanwhile, with Cece’s help, Winston tries to finalize his divorce from Rhonda, but finds that he and Aly are caught in a series of never-ending pranks.

First day jitters

I felt like there was a little bit of a character shift in this episode. It seemed like Nick took the Jess role and vise versa. Jess has become principal, and she couldn’t be more excited, but a little bit more nervous. Also, we can’t forget that Schmidt is also starting a new job, since he earned a promotion. Poor Jess started freaking out, when it really sunk in that she was becoming principal, and Nick, being surprising calm, tried to take her mind off of her worries. Like the good friend that he is, him and Schmidt take Jess to Solvang; which is pretty much a European Williamsburg, and Jess actually starts having a good time. We lastly, can’t forget the fact that even though Reagan isn’t there yet again, she’s still making Nick stressed, by complaining that he acts like a child. Things start going wrong, once Solvang starts closing for the day, and the trio gets locked in the distillery. Even though Nick was cool as a cucumber, he eventually goes back to his ways, and starts freaking out, when they get locked in. Nick does realize though, that he does act like a child, and vows to start growing up. I hope this is true, because I feel like he’s said this many a time. I mean he does still act somewhat like a child, but Jess made a good point, that he has actually grown up, because he now owns the bar and has written a book. That I would say, would be signs of improvement. Once they finally escape the distillery, (thanks to Schmidt), they reach their first destination at Jess’s school, and yet again, Nick takes control of the situation, which I was so proud of. He knew exactly how Jess was feeling, and he knew that even though she was scared, he was willing to tell her that he was proud of her and was excited to see her journey in her career continue. That’s some true friendship.

You’ve been Rhonda-ed

Well Rhonda returned, and she still annoyed me. Her pranks were a little bit funnier, but I’m glad she’s finally gone. Well, I hope she’s gone. Even though the marriage between her and Winston kind of fell off the face of the Earth, it was actually nice to see that the writers didn’t forget that him and Rhonda actually got married. What I loved, was that Aly wasn’t having it with Rhonda. And poor Cece got dragged along for the ride. The prank in the hospital was slightly horrific, with Aly’s head popping out between Rhonda’s legs, but I was so proud of her, that she truly scared Rhonda into thinking that she was about to die. That was a cold burn. Thank god, Rhonda finally signed the divorce papers, but of course she had to leave with a bang. I was super confused at first, why there were adoption papers, but when Winston said that Rhonda adopted Aly in Liberia, that was actually pretty hilarious. I hope that Aly fixes that somehow, because I’m not sure she’s going to handle the fact that Winston is technically her step-dad now. Ew. I’m a little sad that we didn’t get more Cece dialogue in this episode, but she was actually pretty funny in this episode, besides the fact that she had very few lines.