Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of the ABC Network

“Hello Mum.”

With those two words, last week’s episode of “The Catch” led to an explosive reveal: the girl trying to kill Margot is her biological daughter. Supposedly. What fun is it in confirming the truth until the show gives us the twists and turns we’ve come to expect?

The young woman smirking, snarkily answering AVI and Margot’s questions is 15 year-old Tessa Riley of Sheffield, England. Verifying her story of running away from home at 14, her adoptive parents tell AVI in no uncertain terms, “Keep her.” Oof.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

Using her Kensington wiles, Margot manages to yank a few strands of Tessa’s hair out and has AVI run her DNA. Alice and Val both suspect Tessa is Margot’s spawn; Alice also has the inkling that Ben is her father. Margot confirms with her Mum, Sybil (wallowing in federal custody), that Sybil took care of the baby she had. And taking care to Sybil meant a business transaction-she sold the baby to the boring couple in Sheffield.

*A housekeeping/continuity issue for me as a viewer: Margot complains to Sybil that she was “a child” when she got pregnant. O…k. We know Tessa is 15. We don’t know Margot’s exact age, but by sight, I’d estimate late 30s. Ergo, HOW WAS SHE A CHILD WHEN SHE WAS PROBABLY IN HER EARLY-MID 20’s WHEN SHE GOT KNOCKED UP?*

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

In FBI informant news, Rhys is robbing liquor and jewelry stores with an old acquaintance of his, the infamous (and private) Chloe. When Ben gets worx, he floats the idea of taking down Chloe’s crime spree to Agent Diaz. Intrigued to close out ten cases potentially, Agent Diaz okays the operation…which she’s drawn into as Ben’s faux wife. Although Justine Diaz is an elegant, quietly powerful woman, she can break loose. See Rhys and Ben’s bug eyes when she laid a huge smooch on Chloe to seal their partnership.

Of course the jig is up when Chloe double crosses them all when they attempt to steal a classic car. Agent Diaz and Ben have to abandon the car when police come flying toward them and Rhys…he knew what would go down the entire time. He double-double crossed Chloe and turned her into the FBI. Cases closed.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

Weaseling it out of Tessa whom was trying to kill Margot (an old lieutenant of the Kensington Firm, Felix), the focus returns to Tessa’s DNA. She is, of course, Margot and Ben’s progeny. And the look on Alice’s face said it all: things are about to get very awkward.

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