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This season, “Legends of Tomorrow” has been running on all cylinders but “Camelot 3000” was probably its finest episode. Jumping from Detroit in the year 3000, to 508 AD Britannia, the Legends went there and back again with a major team victory.

The team’s goal these last weeks has been to keep the Legion of Doom from accessing the four fragments of the Spear of Destiny. With Professor Stein’s daughter’s algorithm, Gideon is able to pinpoint where and when fragments are. Seeing Dr. Midnight (an old JSA standby) working on sensitive tech in 3000 AD Detroit is something of a shock: Amaya and the Legends were all under the impression that the JSA members were deceased.


Flashback to non-evil Rip Hunter and the JSA breaking the Spear into fragments and scattering them (and themselves) across time and space. Dr. Midnight went to Detroit, year 3000 (and was murdered by evil Rip Hunter); Stargirl (aka Courtney) was placed into a middling kingdom in medieval England, Camelot.

When the Legends land in 508 AD England, Nate tempers expectations by mentioning Camelot was all myth. Imagine his surprise to see a real King Arthur, warrior queen Guinevere and Knights of the Round Table. And guess who’s Merlin? That’s right, Amaya’s old JSA teammate, Courtney/Stargirl.


Stargirl hid the fragment of the Spear in the Sword in the Stone (for some reason, Arthur hadn’t pulled it out). Of course, the Legion has evil Rip and he recalled what time period Stargirl was in causing a catastrophic battle if they managed to get their hands on the fragment.

Luckily, Professor Stein had sticky fingers in 3000 AD and took the tech Dr. Midnight was working on. A mind control device that could be hacked into ended up working to the Legends advantage. Beating Damian Dahrk, capturing evil Rip and protecting the fragment, it seems like a win all the way around.

Not everything can be so perfect though.


The final scene shows an imprisoned evil Rip talking to Gideon and her acknowledgment of him as CAPTAIN Rip Hunter. Oh boy.

Will Gideon override the Legends and let evil Rip escape? Will Jax punch evil Rip out? Will Amaya and Nate acknowledge their feelings for each other and just get together already? Stay with TGON for all your “Legends of Tomorrow” recaps each week. 

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