We hit our mid season finale, I think this will be our last flash back to current episode structure as the deck has officially been reshuffled following this episode.

Madison was separated from her family and happened upon Althea in the woods. Althea had some trip wires and wires set with bottles to make noise. Madison tried to get the jump on Althea but Althea didn’t give up so easily and Madison tripped and misfired her gun and hit Althea’s food. Inside the SWAT vehicle Madison was trying to get the keys to the rig knowing what Althea threw out the first time wasn’t going to work. They ended up fighting when Althea got out of her zip tie, but Madison knocked Althea out and took the tapes.

Madison found a vehicle and took off, she ended up parked by the water under a bridge, she watched every single tape hoping to see her son and daughter. She made it through all the tapes and sadly didn’t find anything useful. At that time a walker came up to the window and Madison rolled the window to kill it, after the walker drops Althea with  gun pointed at Madison asks if she remembered her. Althea wants to make sure that everything is still in working condition. Althea wants Madison’s story, she says she failed her kids, and they were separated outside a store in El Paso, she thought they could live there but it was to over run with walkers. The others got out and she was barely able to get out in time and haven’t seen each other in weeks. Madison goes on to tell a story about a bird, and they called it Amina for short. After the interview Althea gives her some soup, guns and others supplies. She says it’s like a down payment until they meet up and she hears the final outcome.

Back to current timeline, Morgan says he will go for the infirmary for supplies, Naomi insists to go because she knows what to look for. Althea throws out cover fire so they can get inside, right when they get inside and explosion!! Alicia hit them with a RPG launcher. Alicia and the others have found them and mean serious business. Althea tells Morgan to hurry. Althea goes above and has a gunfight with the other three. Inside Naomi and Morgan fight off the walker population to the infirmary. John is not doing as well and he looks to the camera, which Sam has been running, to give his final words to Naomi and Morgan.

Alicia hits the swat vehicle with the RPG, Althea thinks it will ho.d , but the driver side door ends up falling off making them vulnerable. Alicia ends up with Sam dead to rights and Althea tied up again. During the ruckus and the John grabs the radio and turns it on so Morgan and Naomi can hear what’s really going on outside. Luciana tells Alicia the others aren’t coming out. She looks distracted and Sam and Althea make their moves. Alicia and Althea go back and forth until they knock over food supplies, Alicia wants to know where she got the stash from. Althea says a overturned semi in Oklahoma, she says she traded some for an interview. Alicia goes to the tapes and sees “Amina”. Alicia now knows that they crossed paths because of the name Amina, which was a name of a bird that they kids nursed back to life.

John is losing blood, Naomi wants to go help, but Morgan insists he goes because nobody wants to kill him, she will just have to tell him what to do. Alicia is outside the rubble and comes inside wanting to kill Naomi. Her mom is dead for what she did. Alicia asks Morgan to step aside and he refuses, she is shocked he would die for “her”. Morgan says that his story is all about running halfway across the country even. He was told he would find other people and didn’t believe it, speaking of Rick, but he is here standing between the gun and someone he doesn’t even know. He goes on that yes things changed for him and it can for her too. He stepped aside for Nick and he won’t step aside for her too, whatever is inside of her, whatever he mom wanted her to be is still there. Alicia breaks down emotionally having someone talk to her in that way. She lowers the gun, Morgan tells Naomi to go help John. Alicia breaks down and her and Morgan go to the truck.

Going back, Madison left after getting supplies as mentioned, she kept looking around the motels for her family. They had a secret code with the radios and Madison finally found the others. She tells them she also found something else, which led to her pointing out the stadium to live. Madison said someone helped her out out there when she didn’t have to, and maybe it’s time to return the favor. Going back to current, all sides stop fighting and end up in the vehicle together. Strand wonders why Madison never told them about her, and Althea says it could be she didn’t like the story behind it. Althea asks with a caring voice what happened to her? Alicia says you want the story? Pull over. John gets his bearings back, and Naomi admits that she wasn’t honest and her real name is “June”. John being quick says oh that’s his favorite month!

So with Madison’s final night alive, as we knew before Mel, Alicia and Nick were in the truck outside of the safe area. The Vultures had the walkers and let them go and the vehicle got over run. Strand, Madison and Luciana made a path to the truck, the two siblings were going to make it back to the stadium and be safe inside the walls like Madison thought they would. Suddenly though the other survivors inside decided to leave instead of staying in safety, and left the gate open. They couldn’t make it back to the truck because of all the walkers, so Madison came up with an idea with her flare. She was going to lead the walkers away from her children so they could escape, when Alicia knew what was going on she tried to stop it but Madison was to far away with to many walkers in between. Strand went through fire to pull Alicia back. Madison led the walkers in the stadium, she was going to try to go through the tunnels to the entrance but they their was still to many so she locked the walkers inside. She drew them in with gun fire and the flare and got on the radio to the kids saying you’re not really gone until you’re gone and dropped the flare to make a big inferno which is why we see so many burnt walkers in one place. She sacrificed herself so everyone else can live.


Morgan, you ready to take the lead? Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

Everyone, despite all the differences eat some noodles together, they did make a special scene towards the end of Morgan as a close up, as he looks at all of the new people in his life. It could be a serious nod to the growing talks he will be the new show lead character.