The Tapes

For some strange reason, several citizens of Riverdale received surveillance tapes of their homes being watched. As I watched the scene continue, I could only imagine if these tapes could possibly lead to another plague in the town like G&G. I hoped that it wouldn’t make its way back in the new season in the plot, but it did anyway because several people ironically dressed up as the black hood and the gargoyle king. I didn’t understand why anyone would think this was a cool costume, but it sure did freak Betty out if that was the goal. I also liked how it made this episode more creepy than the norm. Betty received phone calls from a prank caller who claimed that they were the black hood, but with Charles’s help, Betty discovered that it was her Polly playing a cruel joke on her in hopes to speak to Edgar again. It seems like her relationship with Betty will no longer exist until she gets the proper help that she needs. It’s pretty sad that she would go that far to put fear into Betty after she saved her from Edgar.

Cheryl’s Haunted House

Once Toni discovered that Cheryl was hiding Jason’s body, Cheryl has become too comfortable with making him apart of the family once again. She even went as far as to propping Jason up on the table as they carved pumpkins together. Again the sight of his body extremely cringe. Toni then decided that it was time for Cheryl to lay Jason to rest for good, but it only made things worse. Cheryl and Nana Rose convinced Toni to dig back up Jason by creating a legend of a haunted doll who was once Cheryl’s and Jason’s triplet. The two did such a good job at making the legend seem true, I even believed it. I still do believe it because once the joke was over, Jason’s body was back in the house, and the doll still made its appearance and spirit known. This could mean Penelope is slowly making her return to payback Riverdale.

Your Local Superhero’s Archie And Madd Dog

Well, I feel like Archie and Madd Dog won “Best Costumes” for this episode because they are too cute! The great thing is that they don’t just look the part, they act the part also. Since the troubling gang has entered Riverdale and started recruiting the youth to be drug dealers, Archie decided to turn his gym into a recreational center for children. In this episode, he hosted a Halloween party so that the kids wouldn’t be easily enticed by the gang members, but unfortunately, the game members came to the kids. Instead of Archie giving them the much-needed beat down again, Archie had to get as much help as he could get because this time, Dodger brought a gun. I love how Archie cared for the youth during this troubling time in Riverdale. Archie is the best!

Jughead’s Nightmare

Stonewall seemed to be Jughead’s paradise away from Riverdale, but it’s actually his biggest nightmare. The ego inflated Brent decided to tell the tale of the Stonewall 5 and challenging Jughead to one of his deadliest quests. Jughead is not the one to challenge, he has already overcome so much in his life, especially having to tolerate the name-calling, backstabbing, and humiliation from suburban high schoolers who couldn’t last a minute in his shoes. I feared that Jughead being placed in the casket was the going to be beginning of his disappearance that we will later see in the season, but he was retrieved by his instructor who was also in on the prank. I hope that Jughead will return the favor to Brent when it comes to physiatric warfare.

Rating: 3.4/5

I rated this episode pretty low because it didn’t grab my interest like I thought that it would. The outbreak of surveillance tapes is pretty confusing, but I think it is someone else executing personal revenge on the behalf of Edgar or it could be another bitter town resident looking to curse Riverdale once again. I also didn’t like the scene of Veronica being attacked by murderer from Shady Groves. Although Veronica is the ultimate problem solver, it was scary to watch. I did enjoy the scene with Archie and Madd dog, but I hope that his efforts will eventually mean something much like his father’s work.


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