Taboo – Episode 7


The penultimate episode in the first season of “Taboo” answered some questions, gave us more questions and laid out a plan for the season finale.

We’ve known from the very beginning that James Keziah Delaney’s internal demons run deep. When he awakened from a drunken stupor next to his very murdered young acquaintance Winter, he didn’t know if he’d committed the heinous act or not (he didn’t). The fact that he thought he COULD’VE done it…well, that just goes to show you how messed in the head this guy really is.


And how do his allies react to Winter’s murder? Delaney’s stepmother Lorna Bow is in the “He definitely didn’t do it” camp. Winter’s mother Helga is in the “He probably did it” camp (and shoots his hat off of his head). And dear, loyal servant Brace admits to poisoning Delaney’s father with arsenic, over a period of many months. Boy, did that take a turn.

And what of the gunpowder? Delaney made a deal with Dumbarton and the Americans but like shady chemist Cholmondoley told him, unstable powder go BOOM. And that’s what happened at the docks. Delaney has limited powder and no ship to transport. He goes back on the offensive against the EIC-the same EIC that has the testimony of Helga regarding Delaney’s treason.


I find myself watching and rooting for only one person on “Taboo” and that’s Mr. George Chichester, Esq. Let me tell you, Mr. Chichester embodies the ideal of “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He walks up to Sir Stuart Strange on the golf course and TELLS him what receipts he has on the EIC’s fraud and murder of 200+ Cabindans. He lets Delaney know he MUST provide testimony against the EIC. He does all of these things in a most agreeable manner but with conviction and purpose. He is not to be trifled with.

With Delaney in custody and being tortured at The Tower, his American contacts laying exceptionally low and Cholmondoley on the lam, it would seem the EIC may have won. I wouldn’t count Delaney and co. out though.


Will Delaney cave to the EIC’s demands? How will The Crown react to his statements? Is Mr. Chichester the most 100 of them all? Let’s find out together on the season finale of “Taboo.”

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