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There were probably more bad relationship decisions in this episode than there were dogs, and that’s saying something.

Before I get into my recap, let’s talk about the episode order. In Canada and Australia, the episode that aired last week was So You Think You Can Finance, which is now streaming on Hulu as 4×16. Living in Canada, I’ve seen both episodes and you honestly can’t tell which was supposed to go first. Maybe putting SYTYCF before 2F2S would’ve helped make it look like Mindy isn’t jumping back into dating too soon, but I don’t feel like this was that rash, and who would pass up a date with Ross Marquand. All this to say, the episode order really doesn’t effect anything plot wise, and I will stick to the Hulu order. Make sure to read until the end where I debunk any Jody/Mindy rumours and live-tweet with us every week, Tuesdays at 9:30 EST.

First things first, we see Mindy on a date with another hot-ish white guy in a sporstbar, in the middle of a sportsicane. He’s not paying attention to her at all (how?!) so she gets up to leave but he’s very smooth, tells her to sit next to him so he can explain all the sports and she can eat all the wings. He walks her back to the apartment at the end of the date & they have a chaste-ish kiss. She invites him in but he plays it cool, says “easy tiger” and schedules a night time date. Mindy goes inside her apartment, raving about the amazing night she had to Morgan, who is babysitting Leo. When they come into frame, she realizes she forgot to mention the kid to the dude.

Back at the office, she asks everyone for advice on how to break the news about Leo to the guy. Jody is an ass who says it doesn’t matter how she tells him, he’ll run away. Jeremy gives a bit more hope but says he’d only date a woman with a female child, is convinced a son would kill him eventually. Tamra is the only voice of reason who basically tells everyone to chill and let Mindy do her thing.


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The B Plot is all about Morgan & Collette wanting to live together. Morgan, hopped up on Sprite (he has a soda addiction we didn’t know about, because his life needs to get more tragic), called his grandmother a bitch and moved out but Collette is having a harder time coming clean to Jody. They’re arguing loudly so Mindy comes in to tell them to stop disturbing Beverly’s sleep and stays to help Collette follow her heart.

Later that night, in a super cool dress, Mindy is on her second date with sportsbar guy. She blurts out that she has a kid and starts to leave to eat in the ladies room, but he says he likes kids and also recently broke off an engagement. They seem to bond a lot because the next day at work, she says he gave her “5 minutes of tongue.” Up until this point I thought she meant kissing but now I guess it could also mean something else…anyway, not only are they still together, but he’s taking her to a wedding that weekend. Jeremy is shocked and tells Mindy to never let this guy go, Jody is gross and rude and Tamra, my queen, just wants everyone  to just not care, like her.

Collette tries to talk to Jody about moving out but he’s being an ass again so she enfs up just blurting it out. He acts all cool and takes it very well. For a split second we are led to believe that he’s not as gross a dude that he seems to be, but then he calls Morgan in and fires him – HOW DARE?!

It’s wedding time y’all. Mindy looks flawless as usual and wants to get a good seat, sportsbar guy says he “knows people” and walks up to a woman to introduce Mindy. Sweet sweet Mindy things this lady is a fan of her Youtube channel where she reviews cereal (not seria) #KeepOnCrunching. Sportsball guy interjects to be like lolol that’s my mom and this is my entire family because surpriiiiiiiiise it’s my brothers wedding. Even though Mindy doesn’t say EXSQUEEZE ME – you can practically see it on her face. At the reception, Mindy is bonding with Bryan’s grandmother and learns that his name is actually BryanT. Basically, she loses interest more with every fact she discovers about him.

The next day, Mindy finds gross and trashy Morgan on her office flour next to some sour straws – excellent imparting Mindy’s brand to her protegé here. He explains how he was fired by someone whose name starts with a J and ends with a Y aka Jody. However, Mindy things Jeremy did it and goes to yell at him. Jeremy is like I swear I didn’t fire Morgan and then Morgan goes oh yeah oops no it’s Jody, so next we yell at Jody and tell him to be supportive of his sister and not be an ass. So Jody goes with Morgan and Collette to their new place, and sees that it’s in a decent neighbourhood and actually isn’t gross. Now, there’s no way Morgan could afford this giant place in actual New York City, but we’ve suspended belief for bigger things on this show. Jody gives his blessing and they invite him to their house warming party that night – we seem to move verrrrry quick here.


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While this is happening, Tamra goes to Mindy’s office to ask how the date went. When Mindy starts sharing that his whole family was there and she gave a speech and that his name is actually BryanT, Tamra goes from team “ehh give this a chance” to team “nuuh this Bryant guy is weird.” They do some super sleuthing together and find out that that engagement he mentioned ended just 2 months ago. In my favourite bit this season, they change outfits and choose aliases to go see Theresa, Bryant’s ex. They pose as entrepreneurs and pitch “nude underwear for women of colour” which is actually an amazing idea and needs to be more of a real prevalent thing. They start asking real personal questions though and then Theresa recognizes Mindy from a photo Bryant had sent her of him hugging Mindy while she slept. She’s saddened as she starts to see that he is fast tracking the relationship because he isn’t over his ex and is scared of the future. All this aside, Mindy and Tamra scenes are very important to me and I want more of them – honestly just more scenes of Mindy hanging out with other women, those tend to be the realest and funniest <3

Mindy goes to the party in and they tell him that Bryant showed up at 4 o’clock, while they were still in their bathrobe (SINGULAR BATHROBE! LOLOLOL). Mindy takes him aside to the bedroom where the puppies are hanging out and has a wonderful moment of growth and self-awareness where she realizes that fast tracking this isn’t good or healthy for anyone. Also, like, they’re in the same league of hotness so he needs to chill with his settling comments. She also openly admits her real age this time, after slapping Bryant, to remain on brand; “how dare you be in your late twenties, I’m 35 with a kid and a bad personality.” As Bryant leaves, all the dogs escape the room and flood into the party. Everyone starts to panic, I don’t know why, because I’d be super excited that dogs were now at this party!

While Mindy is holding two adorable dogs that I will name Snowball & Kale, she overhears Jody telling Collette that he bought the apartment above hers and Collette flipping out about how they need to detach from one another because Grey Gardens runs in their family (lol and ew). She feels for him so they walk home together, eating ice cream and just chatting as friendly adult coworkers do. When they get to Jody’s enormous penthouse, Mindy is like daaaaayum and Jody is like do you want to stay in one of the 8 guest bedrooms and Mindy says “EIGHT bedrooms? You can do whatever you want to me.” They both sort of flinch at this and it gets weird and they part ways.


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I can see why that ending has some people concerned but let me put your mind at ease:

Debunking Jody/Mindy

Mindy is falling back into old patterns – she has to make everyone like her and make them into better people. She did it with Danny but now that he’s not around, her only antagonist is Jody. So they’re gonna fight and have weird moments all because she’s trying to replicate the energy she felt sparring with Danny.

This isn’t to say that Jody & Mindy is romantic. I believe what she’s trying to get back is the camaraderie and the fun she felt from talking back to this old grump character.

She did the same thing with Peter. Jody might now be pining for Mindy – but it’s gonna be one sided because it doesn’t make much sense in the show. More likely, at the end of this episode, Mindy was extremely vulnerable and Jody was lonely; creating this weird and uncomfortable scene. Having seen the next episode of the show, I can state that Jody does not have feelings for Mindy that are real, and she certainly doesn’t put forward any desire to be with him.

Let’s not forget that Mindy K. knows what she’s doing, even season 3, which was weak and trying very hard to get ratings/attention, started and finished strong, with the story going in the right direction by the end.

Also, MK is a troll, literally nothing is what it seems, if it looks like ML & JKK are on a date it’s probably the complete opposite of that and she’s messing with all of us. We know he dates Lauren Cohan this season and Mindy goes on dates with randos, including an Indian guy she alluded to in an article.

My last argument in defence of this arc is what Mindy & Matt said during their press day – that Danny is Mindy’s Mr. Big & that the fans should feel safe with them. Ultimately they’ll end up together but Mindy Lahiri needs to find herself again and explore what she wants. Since she got with Danny, they’ve shown her getting smaller and smaller in her own life while his life and backstory has been deeply explored – I for one, think it’s Mindy’s turn. This is show is about her journey after all. that Mindy & Matt told us to feel safe, she also said Danny was her Mr. Big. This lack of Messina was probably only done to accommodate his shooting schedule on his dumb Ben Affleck movie, and now they need time to move the story forward so he’s getting a well deserved break so he can sleep.

Of course, I may be wrong, Mindy and Jody might hookup or elope or adopt a pet Koala together – but I would put money on my theory Kanye shrug.