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What The Mindy Project Meant To Me

I’m just a girl, standing in front of #TheMindyProject, telling it how much it meant to me!

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The Mindy Project – It Had To Be You

The Mindy Project comes to an end with a beautiful episode, full of callbacks and gives the audience some closure.

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The Mindy Project – Danny In Real Life

Tamra’s braby shower, Danny’s comeback, & Jeremy running on the rain. All on the second to last ever The Mindy Project

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The Mindy Project – Doctors Without Boundaries

Mindy keeps Annette’s secret, Jody makes a grand gesture, & Tamra makes jellied trout

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The Mindy Project – Girl Gone Wild

Mindy Lahiri goes on her oneymoon, steps on a turtle, makes a new friend, & gets yelled at by Reese Witherspoon

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The Mindy Project – The Midwife’s Tale

The Deslauriers are back, and the hospital rumour mill targets Tamra & Jody.

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The Mindy Project – Jeremy & Anna’s Meryl Streep Costume Party

Anna & Jeremy throw a Meryl Streep themed costume party, Beverly meets her son, Beth Grant’s daughter, Mary Chieffo makes a cameo, & Jody exhibits real growth on The Mindy Project.

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The Mindy Project – Leo’s Girlfriend

Mindy gets mommy-shamed, Tamra gets an unexpected surprise, and Danny Castellano makes a comeback.

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The Mindy Project – May Divorce Be With You

Jeremy’s life finally becomes a musical, Anna gets punched, Peter comes back, Beverly gets her groove on, & Tamra can’t resist Morgan’s weird charms.

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The Mindy Project – A Romantical Decouplement

Mindy and Ben, Anna & Jeremy, Tamra and Morgan…the second episode focused on these relationships and destroyed some of them in the process. 

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The Mindy Project – Is That All There Is?

Tamra is a queen taking charge of her life, Morgan is a professor now, Colette gets Karen fired, Jody is still a drunk, Jeremy pours his heart out to Anna, Anna just wants to see what else is out there, Beverly’s awesome, and Mindy straight up forgets to check on or talk to her husband and assumes the pile of pillows in her bed is him.

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