Episode Synopsis:

Despite being happy with Sam, Jess confesses to Cece that she had a sex dream about Nick. And Schmidt attempts to help Winston land Furguson a cat audition when he finds out Aly’s star boyfriend is a talent agent for pets.

Nick, Jess & Cece– When Sam stays the night with Jess, we discover that Jess has a Bears football helmet that was a gift from Nick back when they were dating. Also, Sam wants Jess to meet his parents because he believes that they’re on good terms. That night, Jess wakes up in the middle of the night because she had a sex dream about Nick. She immediately goes and wakes Cece up and tells her. That scene definitely reminded me of “Table 34,” when Jess goes over to Cece’s apartment, to tell her that Nick kissed her the night before. Jess decides to throw out everything that Nick has given her, and when Nick find his helmet being used by outside Dave, he goes to find out why it was thrown away. After much interrogation, Nick finally finds out that Jess had a sex dream about him. Now, he’s super determined to find out what it was about. Jess reveals that the dream was set in a historical setting and that his helmet was involved. While she’s talking, Jess decides to put the helmet on, and in so doing, gets it stuck on her head. At that moment, Sam is at the door to pick her up, and Jess makes Cece run and stall him. Back in the bedroom, Jess is trying to break the helmet, but Nick tells her that they shouldn’t break it because it was a gift from his dad. What a punch to the heart. Cece is still trying to stall Sam, and then we see some hilarious moments of Nick and Jess trying to get the helmet free, which puts them in some weird, and slightly sexual positions. Finally Sam walks into her room and Jess tells him everything. Saddened, Sam decides to leave because he doesn’t want to be late. Later, Jess is sitting on the couch, sad that she can’t meet Sam’s parents, so Nick decides that breaking the helmet is for the best because he doesn’t want to come between her and Sam anymore. They break the helmet and Jess ends up meeting Sam’s parents after all. Our end scene is set at the bar and Jess comes in and gives Nick a present. It’s part of the broken helmet, and it’s encased in a frame, so Nick can hang it up. The look on Nick’s face was so sweet. Even though they’re not together, Nick and Jess are still so incredibly sweet towards each other. Lastly, Nick tells Jess that he’s also had some sex dreams about her, but Jess doesn’t want to hear it because they’re super weird.

Schmidt & Winston– Winston decides to give in and meet Aly’s boyfriend, who is a manager for pets. Schmidt decides that he’ll tag along for the outing and him and Winston decide that Aly’s boyfriend should meet Ferguson because he could be the next big star. At the meeting with Aly’s boyfriend, he meets Ferguson, but says that he doesn’t like him. He doesn’t have the pizzaz that his clients have. Bummed, Winston and Schmidt leave, but Schmidt reveals that he stole the information about the “Avatar” audition that is hiring cats. When they arrive the next day, Schmidt sees Aly’s boyfriend, takes his catnip oil, and pours it all over himself. Quickly finding out that this was a bad idea, all the cats at the audition chase him down the hallway. When Winston goes into the room with Ferguson for the audition, the casting directors love Ferguson and tell Aly’s boyfriend that he should take him on. Aly’s boyfriend gets mad about it and reveals that he’s intimidated by Winston. Winston can’t believe what he’s heard, but he’s definitely happy.

This was a great episode. Hurray for another Nick and Jess central episode and this one reminded me of the old days. It was great to see them talk about their past relationship and see that they still truly care about each other. I just hope that this trajectory continues toward the finale, but who knows. It was funny that they used Ferguson in a storyline again and not just as some comic relief within an episode. It’s so random, but we all know Winston loves Ferguson. Now, I hope we see what happens next between him and Aly.


4/5 glasses rating