Episode Synopsis:

To turn the tables on a sexist car salesman, Jess invents a male alter ego, which backfires on her. Schmidt and Cece panic over Winston’s date, his new prankster girlfriend, to their wedding.

Nick & Jess– Jess is looking to buy a new used car, but is having trouble getting a good deal because she’s a woman and the man at the dealership is not taking her seriously. And in terms of her relationships, Sam and Nick are pretty much fighting over her. Nick is always her go to guy, but Sam is still mad at Nick for what happened last time when he was dating Jess. After Cece gives Jess some advice about the car situation, Jess pretends to be a man interested in a car and emails the car salesman who didn’t treat her well. The plan actually works, but Jess needs to find someone to pretend to be “Jeff Day.” She asks Nick to play Jeff and he agrees right away. He says he needs to disguise himself as Julius Pepperwood, which was a great shout out to our favorite detective, but instead, just wears a fake mustache. Also, a little detail I noticed was that Nick called Jess, Jessica again. He hasn’t done that in a while, and it made me happy. Nick and Jess walk into the dealership and Nick immediately gets into character. He starts taking the character a little too far and messes up the whole deal. At this point, Jess is furious with Nick and ends up talking to Sam while Nick goes outside to look at cars with the salesman. Sam gets mad that Jess asked Nick to be Jeff Day, so he decides that he’s going to get involved and come over. Things just get way out of hand, and Jess decides to take things into her own hands. She makes the car salesman give her the car to test drive, and a test drive it was. Jess drives like a maniac down the road and tells the car salesman to give her the deal she wanted and tells Nick and Sam to quit fighting and act like friends around her. Go Jess!

Winston, Cece & Schmidt– Winston lets the gang know that he has been going out with multiple girls, but his upcoming date is with a girl named Ronda. Winston, Ronda, Schmidt and Cece meet up for lunch and we soon find out that Ronda is absolutely crazy! She loves pranking people, but in the worst possible ways. In that sense, she’s perfect for Winston, because he also takes pranking too far, but Ronda pranks people 24/7. Immediately, Schmidt and Cece don’t care for Ronda and find out from Winston that he’s bringing her to the wedding. Schmidt and Cece let Winston know that Ronda can’t come to the wedding because they’re not serious enough, so for their final prank in this episode, Winston and Ronda end up getting married! That just takes it to a whole new level. Flabbergasted, Schmidt and Cece can’t believe the new couple got married, but Winston tells them that they will get an annulment the next day. Funnily enough, the next day, Ronda gets called in to work overseas, so her and Winston are still married. Yikes.

This episode was ok for me. The Nick and Jess storyline was pretty funny and it was great seeing the two together again, but the other storyline was just not working for me. Ronda was super annoying and I just wanted her to get off the screen. I wish the writers would come up with better story lines for Schmidt, Cece and Winston this season. Winston’s story lines are sometimes good, but I feel like the writers aren’t sure what to do with Schmidt and Cece now, since all they are doing is planning their wedding. I mean, if they’re planning their wedding, let’s show Schmidt being the full groomzilla that he is more often because he loves party planning. That always makes for great comedy.


3/5 glasses rating