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Full disclosure time again – for the second week running I’m writing this having only watched up to Thursday’s episode from last week, so forgive me if I leave anything huge out from Friday.

Can We Stop With the Family Love Triangles?

We know that the residents of Ramsay Street swap partners with each other at an alarming frequency, but are we really ready for another Canning family love triangle? Admittedly, Roxy having a thing for Kyle and then kissing Levi (I mean, why wouldn’t you?) isn’t as bad as father and son passing Amy back and forth between them like a game of ping-pong, but it’s still icky. Can we please have some romance drama that doesn’t involve someone working their way around an entire family?

neighbours levi canning roxy willis

Roxy and Levi get cosy. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Ned Makes a Few Boob Casts and Thinks He Can Afford Caviar

We can now add a new item to the list of things that Ned Willis doesn’t understand, and that’s the concept of money. Yashvi is still beating herself up because she handed Hugo over to Andrea thinking that it was Dee, so Ned decides to try to cheer her up by taking her to a posh restaurant. I’m sure Yashvi would have been happy to eat at a place where plaster cast boob money would have been enough to buy dinner, but instead Ned decides to take her somewhere that is so posh it doesn’t even have prices on the menu, and then insists that they order caviar.

First of all, is a menu with no prices actually a thing? It’s rare I eat anywhere more posh than the local pub, but the few times I have been somewhere a bit more fancy they’ve always had prices on the menu somewhere. It’s so you know how much things are, it’s ever so funny how that works. Secondly, who confidently says they can afford to pay for whatever their date wants to order when there are no prices? How do you know you can afford it, Ned? You don’t know how much it is!

I feel like Ned needs to return to schooling, and judging from the teaser at the end of Thursday’s show, his behaviour is going to get even more stupid, so I shall strap myself in for that.

Talking of Schooling…

Shaun the Yawn has decided to stick around which, let me tell you, I am ecstatic about, and he goes for an interview at the school for the position of counsellor. As we know, employment and training doesn’t run along the same kind of schedules in Erinsborough as it does in the real world, so apparently it is possible to be some sort of vaguely defined businessman in Switzerland and then suddenly decide to become a school counsellor, which seems like a strange career move to me. And he is so optimistic that he’ll get a job that he isn’t really qualified to do that he immediately starts counselling Emmett and marches into one of the classrooms to tell Emmett’s teacher all the ways that he’s getting it wrong with him before he’s even been hired. He’s got some brass neck, this lad.

neighbours emmett donaldson shaun watkins

Shaun’s working before he’s even been employed. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Toadie Performs a Monologue

I totally understand that we can’t have the characters keeping all their thoughts inside, or else we’d miss out on a lot of story exposition, but Toadie performing a dramatic monologue in front of Sonya’s wall was so weird. What he said was very moving and Ryan Moloney was acting his heart out as usual, but I found it very awkward. The mural is in a busy commercial complex, anyone could have walked past at any moment and heard him telling a wall that he loved it. Is that the best look for the local lawyer?

Please Tell Me Emmett Doesn’t Go Missing Again

One final thought – in the teaser at the end of Thursday’s episode, I heard Aaron ask David if he’d seen Emmett, and I swear if that child goes missing for the third week running then Aaron and David should consider giving up on being foster parents. Maybe they should get something stationary for them to care for, that they can’t lose. Time to go back to having a fish tank, I think. Or a pet rock perhaps.