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The Mindy Project – Take My Ex-Wife Please

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Patricia & Mindy are in a pissing contest over a mediocre white boy (jk Ben ilysm), everyone is on Snapchat, Tamra accidentally airs Anna’s dirty laundry to all her followers, Morgan gets Zika, Colette has a girlfriend, Jody is *Jimmy-Fallon-as-Sara-with-no-H-voice* EW & Jeremy says papier-maché like 15 times.

Now that Patricia has decided to move back to New Jersey, Ben lets her stay with him for a while, until she founds her own place. Ben is obviously a simple dummy who doesn’t realize what’s happening here. Mindy is sly however & immediately gets it, to her credit, she manages to act cool for a whole day!

She & Jody are still on weird terms because that man can sure hold a grudge. They’re forced to go on a “Later, Baby” trip alone together after Morgan catches Zika and it starts out super awkward. Since he doesn’t want to talk about anything, Min goes on her phone and starts watching Snapchat stories.

That’s when she sees

  1. Tamra telling Morgan that Anna’s husband is cheating on her (Tam saw him at a club with someone else the night before)
  2. Ben & Patricia getting reeeeeaaaaaal cozy while playing mini-golf with Lindsay

Source: Hulu // The Mindy Project

Let’s talk about Anna first, we meet her husband at the beginning of the episode and they clearly aren’t in love, they’re just in a convenient situation and too lazy to change it. After Tamra accidentally posts her snap, Anna doesn’t know what to do or where to go. Since Jeremy was nice to her throughout the day, she chooses his place.

They have a decent enough time, Jer is super comforting and helful, except when he decides they should watch a show about a woman whose being cheated on. Anna makes a move and tries to kiss him, Jeremy gets all flustered and puts a stop to it, because he’s a good person and she’s vulnerable. Anna freaks out and leaves though.

She goes to Morgan & Colette’s but he sneezes on her and probably gives her Zika so she runs out of there too. We later see that she slept in her office all night, but we’ll get to the female bonding in juuuust a sec.

Source: Hulu // The Mindy Project

After Mindy sees the video of Trish and Ben getting too close, she convinces Jody to let her drive and she cancels the speaking engagement to instead go to Ben’s house in Jersey.

He’s shocked to see her but to his credit, he invites her in for dinner, which his ex is cooking, while Lindsay isn’t even home! This glorious exchange takes place:

Trish: “I’m sorry, I only bought 2 pork chops…”

Mindy: “Well then you’re gonna have to split them into thirds then!”

They bicker and argue as they prepare dinner and continue to try to one-up each other all night. When Patricia gives Ben a bottle of his favourite wine, Mindy gives him 60$ (that she steals from Jody) so he can buy whatever he wants.

Source: Hulu // The Mindy Project

Finally, the dinner party explodes, Ben says that Trish will always be in his life because they have a daughter together, and that Mindy needs to learn to be cool with it. Mindy, in turn, feeling ganged up on, says that maybe she won’t always be in his life and leaves.

I personally really want Ben & Mindy to work, but if he & Patricia have a shot at making their family work again, isn’t that for the best? Is that where the show is headed, Mindy bowing out so Ben & Patricia can be together and being by herself? or being with Morgan? Jeremy? Danny? If my assumption is correct and season 5 really is the last, where are we headed? We only have 4 episodes left to figure it out!

I guess I’m just freaking out a little, but with everything Mindy Kaling has going on, when will she find time to make more The Mindy Project? WHEN MINDY?! After Ocean’s & Wrinkle? After the Emma Thompson movie? After the new NBC show with Pastor Casey Ders?

Sorry, I’ll spiral on my own time, let’s finish this recap!

Source: Hulu // The Mindy Project

Jody gives Ben a lecture after Mindy leaves. He’s super drunk and it’s only a little insensitive, so a win for Dr. K. We’ll know soon if it had any impact on Ben, or if he chose Patricia for good.

When he gets back to Manhattan, Jody vists Mindy and brings her McDonalds (and all day breakfast no less!). They watch Batman Vs Superman together and focus on all the right things:

  • Ben Affleck was in Pearl Harbour
  • He was with Maid In Manhattan but then he got married to 13 Going On 30
  • He ruined everything by casting Messina in a crappy gangster movie
  • Batman & Superman are fighting to figure out whose hotter (duh, Superman)

The next day, Mindy sees Anna looking disheveled and asleep at her desk. Dr. Z has actually never lived alone and doesn’t even know how to go about looking for a place, she wants to write the mayor a letter…Mindy tells her to stay with her for a while, as long as she doesn’t eat vegetables in front of Leo!

YAY for female friendship and bonding and solidarity against the garbage men in our lives.

Source: Hulu // The Mindy Project

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