[Jane the Virgin Narrator voice] So here’s what you might’ve forgotten on the last 22 chapters of Jane the Virgin…

This show is so jam-packed and drama filled that I couldn’t possibly fill you in on everything, but I’ll give you the highlights:

Jane Villanueva is a good-hearted but slightly self-righteous virgin who was accidentally impregnated with the sperm of dreamy Rafael Solano. At the beginning of season one, Jane was engaged to the sweet but slightly boring Michael, and Rafael was engaged to the show’s resident biotch Petra. Naturally though, when a woman is pregnant with your child, you want to try and make it work with her, so Jane and Rafael fell in love.  And they make a great couple. I totally ship them. So just know that all of my recaps will be filled with Jane/Rafael propaganda. Currently (but not for long I hope!) Jane and Rafael are not together because he was going through a very difficult time (more on that later) and didn’t want to drag Jane down with him (which is very considerate I THINK). So the season ended with both men professing their feelings for Jane, but she’s a little too focused on her bundle of joy, Mateo, to choose between them.

Xiomara is Jane’s mother. Twenty-four year ago, she had a fling with soap star Rogelio de la Vega, which resulted in Jane. Just recently (about 22 episodes ago) Rogelio reappeared in Jane and Xo’s life, where he has been a constant source of entertainment and witty hashtags. Ro and Xo are obviously in love, but having a hard time making it work for a variety of reasons. All of their drama is about to get even more complicated though, because they just drunkenly got married in Vegas.

Rafael runs The Marbella, a hotel in Miami owned by his father, Emilio Solano. This hotel is cursed with constant drama, because it is/was the base for a terrorizing drug lord Sin Rostro, and her plastic surgery ring. Did you catch my use of pronouns back their? Yep, I said her; Sin Rostro is Rafael’s stepmother, Rose. Rose also drowned Emilio in a pool of cement at the hotel. Then she fled as Michael and his gang of investigators started to get hot on her tail. So Rafael’s father is dead; where is his mother you ask? Emilio bribed her with a boatload of money to stay away from the kids.

Now do you understand why Rafael was having a hard time?

Oh, and Mateo, Jane and Rafael’s son, was just kidnapped by Sin Rostro. Literally right out of the hospital. That terrified me so much, I may even consider a home birth. Who am I kidding, I need the drugs.

Finally there’s Petra, Rafael’s ex-wife and business partner at the Marbella because her ex-boyfriend/ stalker bought out the majority for her. Petra has had an incredible character development throughout the season. She started as a cold heartless bitch grabbing at her 10 mil from Rafael, now she just wants his love. Oh, and the other batch of his sperm!

I know I have probably missed some big plot points, but hey, this is a telenovela-style series and it is DRA-MA-TIC. I can’t wait to see what craziness lies ahead!