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So The Flash returned last week…

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It was the kind of season opener that makes you feel the dreaded fangirl feels. The episode begins a few months after the singularity. Since then, Central City has finally given the scarlet speedster the recognition he deserves, although Barry doesn’t believe he deserves it. He reluctantly attends the Flash Day rally, but makes it clear to Caitlin that he knows Eddie, “the real hero”, deserves their praise. I’ve never considered Barry Allen as a flat character, but something about his…let’s call it an Imposter Syndrome…makes him so much more dynamic. By bringing Barry down to this level of emotion he just feels more authentic, more human, despite his superhuman capabilities.

We also learn that Wells left a living will, to be viewed by Barry in the event of his death. At first Barry is completely against watching it, but Caitlin offers to watch it with him for moral support. The results will tear your heart out. Personally, Wells was my favourite villain, I love to hate and hate to love him, but that video hit me where it hurts, I can only hope we haven’t seen the last of him…And if the Atom Smasher is to be believed, we might be in luck…Oh, Wells…

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The amount of character development that we got from this first episode alone was immense. Even Iris West, a character for whom I thought there was no hope (sorry WestAllen shippers, I’m not a fan), has become surprisingly tolerable. Eddie’s loss seems to have taken it toll on her, and she’s much stronger-willed and less of a pretty little girl with no clue what’s going on.

Now to address the big-named characters that we’ve been waiting for: No sign yet of Wally West or Patty Spivot, but, just as the end credits are about to roll, Jay Garrick pops up to set up next week’s episode. As if you needed another reason to tune in. – Rachel



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