Legion – Chapter 5

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David Haller is changed.

Syd knows it. Melanie sees it. David embodies it. His attitude-formerly confused, anxious, volatile borderline schizophrenic-has been replaced by a suave, debonair, cocky and arrogant dude. The changes are highly noticeable and while Syd embraces it (David finds a way for them to have sexy times in a temporal vortex), Melanie  is skeptical (and a bit fearful).

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New personality David decides to strike against Department 3 to rescue his sister and leaves the entire team behind. Following him into enemy territory, the team finds a trail of carnage. All the agents of Department 3 are dead, ripped to shreds. The lone survivor is a guard who tells Syd,“ It wears a human face.”


Back at the lab, Cary gets a garbled video transmission from David’s subconscious. He reaches out to the on-the-ground team to let them know, this is NOT the real David. It’s a parasite, an older/stronger/malevolent mutant controlling a still formidable real David.

Evil David did rescue sister Amy and scared her into giving up the family secret: his adoption. He had no clue and the look of shock on his face attests to that. Stuck in his subconscious, in his old home, the team finds and attempts a rescue. The problem: Lenny. David has many alters and Lenny Busker is the most cunning. Catapulting everyone into different vortices, they all end up back where things started. The mental institution-but this time, all of them are there. And Lenny’s running the show.

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