The episode picks up within minutes of Nancy pulling the wreath out of her. It’s the day of her Dad’s evidence hearing. She doesn’t want anything distracting her.

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Nancy’s lab friend comes to The Claw to examine the bones that are believed to be Lucy Sable. Nancy is shown by Lucy the knives that Nancy’s mother loved and one is gone and looks like the knives in her pantry. Nancy sent a hair sample from her to her friend’s lab to test the DNA against. As George, Ace, Bess, Nick and the lab friend start to examine the bones the police pull up with a warrant to search The Claw. Oh yeah. Nick found out that Nancy and Owen slept together. Thanks, Bess.

Ace and lab dude is hiding with the bones in the cooler. Nancy finds a lead and calls Ace who on top of hiding with the bones needs to lookup an IP address. Nancy tracks down Ryan. She demands that he tell her the truth. He finally does. When they confront Ryan’s dad, he offers Karen as a possible killer and gives Nancy a warning. Hoping to find Lucy’s journal, Nancy and Ryan go to Lucy’s old house. The other continues to try to protect the bones.

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Nancy finds Lucy’s journal. Lucy didn’t want Nancy there. Her diary would reveal something that even in death Lucy wanted to keep secret. Nancy makes it to court on time and steps up to testify. The journal is enough to drop the charges against Mr. Drew. Throughout the episode, George and Nick have been snapping at each other. They were looking to sleep in the same bed but decided Nick should stick to the couch. They kiss anyway. More surprises are in store.

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What surprises? What did Lucy not want people to know even after her death? Watch the episode and let me know what you think in the comments below. In this time where we must be physically distant. Let’s not be socially distant. If you comment I promise to answer. Til next week…