Source: CW Edit by Alex C for The Game of Nerds

You’re getting so sick of this. I know. But I just CAN’T LET IT GO. Jane the Virgin is a meta-telenovela that loves to make us gasp at every chance it gets, right? Well, what’s more gasp-worthy than finding out Rafael’s babies aren’t REALLY his babies?! You got it: nothing! I believe there is a strong chance that Petra’s little twins actually belong to Roman Zazo.

Let’s rewind:

In Chapter 19, Roman Zazo kidnapped Petra and brought her to that icky swamp. Feeling trapped and helpless, Petra decided the best thing she could do was seduce Roman and then take him out.

Flash forward 3 episodes and around 2-3 weeks to when Petra steals Rafael’s sperm from the clinic and inseminates herself with a turkey baster.

Flash forward another few weeks, Petra is pregnant and already dealing with some crazy morning sickness.

Does anyone else think it’s crazy that Petra actually inseminated herself with a turkey baster? And it stuck? Is she really that lucky? …Let me go ahead and answer that for you: she is NOT that lucky. She is actually incredibly unlucky, so it would make more sense that the father of her children is actually an evil twin.

Flash Forward again to Petra’s first sonogram when we find out she’s carrying twins. RED ALERT. As far as we know, twins do not run in the Solano family. Whose family does it run in?? The ZAZOS. I feel like the only reason the writers made it twins was to give us a MAJOR clue. Don’t worry guys, I got the message!

Let’s recap:

-Both the swamp hookup and the artificial insemination happened around the same time (ish).


-Petra is unlucky as hell.

-So is Rafael, so it would make sense that his remaining sample has been totally wasted.

-This is a crazy, twisty meta-telenovela where nothing is as it seems.

I know I don’t have any hard evidence and this is mostly my cousin and I conspiring…but how fun would it be?

Okay my fellow JTV fans, let me know: Do you agree with me? Or do you think I sound absolutely insane?