It’s true, after this episode I don’t feel like laughing.


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Gotham is just getting started, but already keeps getting better and better. “The Last Laugh” is what episode three is called. After watching this, my feelings were so confused that I wanted to curl up in a corner and cry and scream at the same time. But let’s get started at the beginning, shall we?

We open this episode with Detective Gordon and Bullock throwing homeless people out of the window hoping to find where Jerome is hiding. Don’t worry they don’t kill them or anything, just scaring them. Back at the GCPD Gordon speaks some inspirational words and Lee “forces” him to kiss her, something he returns to her at the end of the episode. I’m surprised it worked because I don’t think it would work when I try that.

After that, Gordon and Bullock go to another place in Gotham, the home of Jerome’s father, Paul Cicero. Hoping he knows more about the whereabouts of Jerome. They arrived just in time, not knowing Jerome had the same idea to visit his poor old father. And then murder him after framing him for Jerome’s escape out of Arkham. I bet he didn’t see that knife coming (literally). I loved how we got a little insight in why Jerome ended like this. With a drunken mother abusing him and his father telling him that nobody cares about him, I can imagine ending up that crazy. When Gordon and Bullock break the door open just to see them escape from the window. With some kind of gas escaping,  Gordon and Bullock stumble dizzily out of the apartment where they come eye to eye with Jerome. Both Gordon and Jerome try to kill each other, only to be stopped by Tabitha.

That evening there is a charity event for the children hospital what Lee helped organize with a musician.  Bruce and Alfred make their appearance, just as a few others of Gotham’s richest residence. Oh, have I told you yet that there is going to be a musician? That musician begins with some simple tricks, followed by cutting Bruce in half and making him whole again. Then it gets interesting when the deputy mayor is asked on stage. So it appears that the official mayor is still missing. I’ll cut to the point,  the deputy mayor gets killed and Jerome and Barbara reveal their true nature. Lee is tied up and Bruce tries to escape with the help of Selina who was “working”. Now, this scene happened so fast but I found it very touchy. Bruce tells Selena that he is been missing her and now I think about it, it has been ages since Bruce and Selina were in a scene together. Bruce decided to go back because he is scared they will hurt Alfred since Jerome is now looking for him.  But there is another character who makes a great entry, Theo. He finds that his family built Gotham and is ready to be the hero that the City needs. He tries to stop Jerome but gets knocked K.O by Barbara (what reminded me of Harley Quinn). Jerome is ready to kill Alfred because Bruce hasn’t shown up yet. When he finally reveals himself he is aware that Gordon has entered the building. Gordon shows himself and that causes Jerome to put a knife on Bruce’s throat. Alfred then decides to go 007 and knocks a guy down. Before Jerome can do any harm Theo rises (here comes the sad part, bring out the tissues) and stabs a knife in Jerome’s neck. Theo is then seen as the true hero while Barbara escapes through a trap door.

Because everything was live broadcasted on tv, Gotham saw what happened and laughed along with Jerome. Now of course I’m shocked Jerome didn’t last longer than a few episodes. He turned into one of my favorites quite fast. I’m sad that it looks like Jerome isn’t the Joker and that it is gonna be hard to portray the real Joker because we will always remember crazy Jerome. Not to mention the real joker would be a copycat, copying Jerome’s laugh and movements. I secretly hope that when Lee comes to work the next episode she sees an empty table, stating Jerome was still alive and escaped.

While Theo was saving Gotham’s richest residence, Bullock went on a little visit to Penguin. Threatening to beat him if he approaches Gordon for a favor again and drinking Cobblepot’s wine. This episode wouldn’t be complete without some crazy bombshell Barbara action. So we know that Barbara isn’t exactly on the straight side because she has had a relationship with Montoya before she was with Jim. At the beginning of the episode, we see Barbara having a romantic encounter with Tabitha. while at the end of the episode, when they are back at Theo’s home, Theo is kissed by Barbara as a jealous Tabitha watches in secret. I can tell you that there will be trouble between those three.

P.S: WHERE WAS EDWARD NYGMA and the new developing relationship between him and Mrs. Kringle?  Hope to get some double trouble (no pun intended, or perhaps I do) from him next time!

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