It only took all season for the walkers to wake up, and they did in full force this episode. I got to see the walker arena rumble happen, though it wasn’t in the way I expected. Letting the walkers out to distract and over run the compound so you can try to break in and save your loved ones seems like an utterly insane plan on the surface. Here is a fun fact, it was completely insane, breaking in among armed soldiers, and 2000 walkers I’m not sure what the game plan was.

We saw the coolest opt out in the shows history I think, as a bit soldier ran head first into the running helicopter blade. Not shown for anyone with weak stomachs but use your imagination on how that turned out. Our groups was separated into 3 groups this episode. Strand & Nick, the two kids, and the rest of the main group. Every group had close calls and last minute escapes. Strand and Nick were almost the main course in the locked hallway cafe.

After Strand and Nick escape the hallway and join the main group they get into a big fight with walkers in the kitchen area. It was the first time many of the characters have had to do any physical combat with walkers. If after that exchange they still don’t believe that these people are just sick and can be saved they are truly lost.

What’s a season finale without some deaths? We had our first two main character confirmed deaths this episode. Griselda, who we got verbal confirmation that died along with seeing the burned ashes pile.

The other one was what seemed like the final test for Travis to evolve. Travis earlier jumped the soldier after shooting Ofelia and pummeled his face into a bloody pulp. It was a much needed step for him as he wanted to see the good in people, and let that soldier go so he wouldn’t be a prisoner any longer only to see the soldier come back and shoot Ofelia.

Travis had to shoot his ex-wife. Well maybe he didn’t have to, because nobody fully knows how this virus happens yet. The group goes to Strand’s house, which should be no surprise to anyone is very big fancy and nice. He wanted to bring the group to Abigail but wouldn’t specify what who or where Abigail is. We find out that Abigail is a awesome looking yacht! Liza got a walker bite during the kitchen fight, from working in the makeshift hospital she is certain that the walker bite is the end of her and insists that she dies before anyone makes another move. At the place where she was bit, Liza might be right. Madison was asked to end it, but she couldn’t, which after pleading, Travis took the gun and shot his ex-wife in the head. It did in fact break him, it was a very powerful sad moment.

It was a good finale, a lot to think about going into season 2. How are they going to utilize Abigail? Are they going to go to an island and try to wait it out there? Are they going to just be anchored off shore, or are they going to go up and down the shore and hit houses for supply runs as needed? Will other groups be out on the water doing the same thing, will they be pirates? How does the survivor from the webisode fit into the story for season 2 seeing they are likely to be on a boat? It is a very interesting question, and dynamic we haven’t ever got to think about with the flag ship show as they were never near a big enough body of water. All in all it was a different type of dead, I do enjoy it, I look forward to season 2, I however am very excited for the return of The Walking Dead.