The timeline of Mr. Robot can get a bit fuzzy, but as it stands, Elliot continues to live with his mom, while he tries to build some semblance of normalcy, Darlene has taken over as the leader fsociety, Tyrell is still MIA and Angela has taken on a job doing PR for EvilCorp.

In this episode we see the origin story of Mr. Robot. Through flashbacks (which have been used deftly this season) we see Elliot donning the Guy Fawkes mask, and proclaiming to his sister that he’s going to take the job at Allsafe while he plots to bring down Evil Corp. Fast forward to today and we see Elliot and Darlene together again, this time at their mom’s house. (Is it really their mom’s house? I’m not entirely sure.) Darlene fills Elliot in on her plot for for the bailout vote, but Elliot begs off – wanting nothing to do with the plan (for now).

Without Elliot, Darlene trudges on, but fsociety is in trouble, as the FBI is hot on their trail. While Darlene continues to insist there’s no way that the FBI could know, Cisco tells her that she’s wrong. And as we see in the scenes with Dom, the feds have indeed tracked fsociety to the Arcade, and it’s only a matter of time before they figure it all out.

Which brings us back to Elliot, because, as the episode ends, we see that he actually is interested in assisting fsociety. Only, he isn’t interested in Darlene’s bailout vote plan, he’s going back to what he does best – hacking. As the episode ends, we see Elliot and Mr. Robot sitting together at a computer, as he plans to hack the FBI.