New images from the Winter Finale of Jane the Virgin were released last week, and as you can see, despite the despicable thing Rafael did in the last episode, he and Jane are still together. Okay, maybe not together-together, but they’re together taking Mateo to see Santa. We’ve heard it before, directly from Jane, but Rafael truly does have an advantage over Michael because he is Mateo’s father. After lying about turning Michael in, in any other circumstance, Jane would’ve kicked Rafael to the curb, but she can’t because they both want to be present in Mateo’s life. This gives Rafael chance after chance to pursue Jane, and in his current case, try to repent for his mistakes. As of right now, I don’t have much evidence of this working in his favor romantically, but if you look at both of their Instagrams (@justinbaldoni and @hereisgina), there are plenty of photos and videos of the two filming together on new episodes.

I feel like Jane has got to be even more cautious of Rafael now that he’s lied to her, but I do think she has a real weak spot for him that will continue to work in his favor. The real question is: Will Michael come back into the romantic picture anytime soon? Or does that vacancy belong to Professor Chavez now?

(Photo courtesy of CBS/The CW)