*Note: This show is rated MA for nudity strong language among other things and not intended for young viewers*

So full disclosure here, I think people knew that at first I didn’t know if I was going to be excited for this show this season. I didn’t hear much about it, and didn’t watch it on release day. I went to my on demand to find it, and it wasn’t on my top 50 on demand shows for Sunday night! At that point I said to myself, uh oh, I might not be the only one who had reservations about it.

Ten minutes in and I have no idea what I’m watching. A bunch of cave people in a cave, not fully dressed, and a pregnant lady goes outside to use the restroom. After that an earthquake happens, and closes the entrance to the cave and while in shock she gives birth. I wish I was making this up but I’m not, followed by a snake trying to kill the baby, the mom gets bit by the snake saving her baby. She dies and some other cave woman comes and takes the baby, and then we pan to present day girls swimming in some stream while Dr. Good Heart is taking information on the water.

Present day has reset the location from the east coast over to Miracle Texas. All we know is that it has around 9,261 members with no departures and it looks like they are making it into a tourist destination. Souvenirs, religion is trying to capitalize on it, palm reader was trying to capitalize on it, followed by girls singing religious church songs and then running nude through the forest.

At this point halfway through the episode I realize it’s more play by play, their is nothing cohesive to really recap on, and we have yet to see any characters we realize. All I can figure out is this town is corrupt. Right on cue, the fire department announces which house they are going to tonight to start a fire because they found someone corrupt. Maybe not in so many words, but they go to the palm readers house who was price gouging and lying to customers, roughs him up a bit, throws him out the window and starts a fire.

Around 40 minutes in we finally see a returning cast member, and of course it has to be the crazy religious man Matt Jameson and his wife Mary.

THIS TOWN IS NUTS! Some dude named Jerry brought in a live animal, but down a sheet, and slit it’s throat right in the middle of breakfast at the restaurant. Around fifty minutes in we see the regular cast, we spent the entire build up to get to know the town and the next door neighbors of our regular cast.

More secrets from the neighbors, John was in prison for over 6 years for attempted murder, the daughter has epilepsy, and it seems the town has an earthquake every day. During the earthquake Evie is found to not be home, she usually goes to the stream so the John and son go to investigate and discover that all of the water is gone and fish are just flopping in the stream. Did the town of Miracle Texas have their first three departures? Does our group from New York have something to do with it? So many questions, such a crazy season premiere, I can’t wrap my brain around it all. I look forward to the next episode.